About Us

Sportmentary is an online sports talk and commentary blog. Think of Sportmentary as an online sports magazine. The Blog's Editor in Chief (Sportmentary) loves sports and isn't afraid to share his opinion.
This is his place to share that sports opinion and elicit your comments.
Sportmentary welcomes everyone to share their comments on our blog posts.

Sportmentary shoots from the hip. He sometimes hits the mark with them and sometimes...well you get the picture. He loves to have fun writing about sports.

Commentaries are purposely kept relatively short and to the point. The purpose is to spark your comments. Sportmentary invites you to have fun and enjoy the site. He looks forward to reading your feedback.

Please Note:  Sportmentary Online Sports Talk is meant to be entertainment.  We love to push some buttons and have some fun. Try not to take his commentary too seriously or be offended by his analysis and opinions :)

About our Founder & Editor in Chief
SportmentaryAnthony Bloch (AKA Sportmentary and Sportsfan) - is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Sportmentary Online Sports Talk. In addition to running his blog, Anthony previously wrote a weekly column for Last Word on Sports and wrote about the Minnesota Wild for The Hockey Writers.