Sunday, January 1, 2017

In a Word - Fired, Retiring & Resigning

This was the week of coaches being fired, a player who retired and a coach who will be resigning his position. Sure there were other stories that will be recapped but the week was definitely dominated by the fired, retiring and resigning.

In a Word is weekly recap of the week's major stories (Each story recapped in one word).

Now on to our In a Word Sports Recap for the week starting 12-26-16.

Rex Ryan - Fired

Rob Ryan - Booted

Alabama Crimson Tide - Clemson

Clemson Tigers - Alabama

Jorge Alves - Dream

Columbus Blue Jackets - Winning

Trent Baalke - Sacked

Mike McCoy - Canned

Chip Kelly - Sacked

Gary Kubiak - Resigning

Steve Smith Sr. - Retiring

Oakland Raiders - Ouch!

Washington Redskins - Out

Detroit Lions - In

Green Bay Packers - North

Centennial Classic - Austin Matthews

Monday AKA Black Monday could see more coaches being handed the pink slip!

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