Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sportmentary's Favorite Sports Moments of 2016

As we get ready to say goodbye to 2016 and ring in the New Year, Sportmentary looks back at his five favorite sports moments of 2016.

While his favorite professional sports teams weren't successful in 2016 (Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Wild and Minnesota Twins), his backup favorites came up big time.

Sportmentary looks forward to 2017 and hopes that it will bring Sportmentary's home town some big league success.

Let's get to the list:

5) Clemson Tigers Demolishing Ohio State Sooners in the Fiesta Bowl (CFP Semi-Final)

Sportmentary rates this as one of his favorite moments probably due due more to Ohio State losing the game and being knocked out of the playoffs than Clemson winning. Sprotmentary is not a fan of Ohio State and that's a gross understatement.

Sportmentary is excited that this moment marks the end of 2016 in sports (well at least from his perspective. Now college football fans can look forward to a rematch of last year's championship game between Alabama and Clemson.

College football fans deserve to have a game that features the nations top two teams!

4) Minnesota Wild hiring Bruce Boudeau

Minnesota Wild fans have been looking for a momentous moment for a long time. That momentous moment came during the offseason when the team hired a top notch coach in Bruce Boudreau.

Bruce brings a ton of experience to the Wild. He's greatly respected in the NHL. It was time for the Wild to ante up and hire one of the greatest coaching catches of the offseason.

Sportmentary doesn't want to jinx his favorite NHL club but it's looking like Bruce has made a difference already!

3) Peyton Manning retiring as a champion

Sportmentary has been a big fan of Peyton Manning throughout his career (and John Elway during his career).

While Peyton wasn't the Peyton of old, it didn't matter to Sportmentary. Seeing Peyton lifting the Lombardi Trophy while his baby brother Eli pouted was priceless!

2) St. Louis Blues being knocked out of the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs (Western Conference Finals) by the San Jose Sharks.

Sportmentary thinks that the St. Louis Blues are a bunch of goons that are coached by their goon coach who is devoid of NHL character.

Many NHL fans will disagree with that statement but if you're a Minnesota Wild fan it would be very hard to disagree with that statement. Sportmentary remembers the playoff series in 2015 between the Wild and Blues and how Ken Hitchcock went goon style by playing the goon Steve Ott.

That move backfired on the Blues but the fact that Hitchcok would resort to such a low has stuck with Sportmentary!

1) Pittsburgh Penguins Winning 2016 Stanley Cup

One of Sportmentary's favorite hockey players is Sidney Crosby. He is the greatest player of his generation. Sidney has brought home two Olympic Gold Medals to his nation, won two Stanley Cups (with Pittsburgh's Finals victory) and has represented the sport with class like hockey greats that preceded him.

Pittsburgh is a class organization that is owned by a class guy in Mario Lemieux. Hockey is fortunate to have an organization like Pittsburgh int he league.

Sidney is the anti-Ovechkin and Sportmentary doesn't like Ovechkin and thinks he's overrated. Crosby is a champion and Ovechkin is a want to be. Sidney is a leader and cares about winning. Ovechkin cares about padding his goal scoring stats.

Sportmentary will take a Crosby over an Ovechkin any day of the week!

As you've just read, Sportmentary's favorite moments often have as much to do with his most hated teams (players) losing as they do with his favorite teams and players winning.

The year ahead should provide sports fans with great moments and Sportmentary is looking forward to seeing what those moments are!

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