Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sportmentary Compares its Week 16 NFL Power Rankings to a Major Sports Entity

ESPN.com released their week 16 power rankings today. Sportmentary thinks that ESPN got the rankings a little wrong. His order of the top teams are different with one NFL team making our rankings and one of ESPN’s picks not making our top five.

Sportmentary believes that its rankings are more reflective of what has transpired this season as a whole and the results of the last few weeks in particular.

Below we compare ESPN's top 5 rankings to our top 5 rankings!

ESPN’s rankings:
1) Dallas Cowboys
2) New England Patriots
3) Seattle Seahawks
4) Oakland Raiders
5) Atlanta Falcons

Our rankings
1) New England Patriots – The Patriots defeated a Denver Broncos team desperate to make the playoffs as a Wild Card. The Patriots had to play Denver in the Broncos house and that’s not an easy task. They also had to face Denver’s tough defense.

The Patriots were able to control the game and showed most NFL fans that they’re the real deal and the best team in the NFL.

2) Dallas Cowboys – Dallas rebounded from a week 14 loss to not only defeat a Tampa Bay Buccaneers team that was on a roll but a team that is in the thick of a Wild Card battle.

The race for first between the top two teams is a tight one with the Patriots holding a lead that is razor thin.

3) Oakland Raiders – After losing two weeks ago, NFL fans were wondering if Oakland was a pretender or a contender. After beating the San Diego Chargers in San Diego, in dramatic fashion, the Raiders have earned the title of contenders. Look for Oakland to be a tough team to beat during the playoffs!

4) New York Giants – The Giants have beaten the Dallas Cowboys (number two in our rankings) twice this year. The second victory coming just two weeks ago. In fact, the Giants have beaten two division leaders in the past two weeks; the Cowboys and the Detroit Lions.

The Giants would be the division leader in the other three divisions within the NFC. Sportmentary ranked the Giants higher than Seattle (below) because their schedule in the past two weeks has been tougher (Seattle faced the hapless LA Rams this past week) and the fact that they have a better record than the Seahawks.

5) Seattle Seahawks – Seattle rebounded nicely after being manhandled by the Green Bay Packers two weeks ago. That beat down by the Packers was almost enough to keep the Seahawks off the top five rankings.

Sportmentary did take into consideration that the Seahawks were playing a game in the Tundra of Green Bay where it’s extremely difficult to win on warm days, let alone a day you couldn’t feel any of your body parts.

Why aren’t the Atlanta Falcons and Kansas City Chiefs in the top five? Once again it came down to strength of schedule and record when it comes to Atlanta’s record. 

Sportmentary believes that the Seahawks hold a slight edge between the Falcons and the Chiefs. The Chiefs lost a home game to Tennessee this past weekend and that dropped them out of our top five ranking.

That's Sportmentary’s rankings for week fifteen. We’ll see if it’s necessary to do this again if we feel that ESPN gets it wrong again!

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