Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Miscommunication by Vikings?

After Sunday’s game, Xavier Rhodes made it abundantly clear that some players on the defense including himself decided to do things their own way during the first half of their game against the Green Bay Packers.

By Monday, Head Coach Mike Zimmer, Xavier Rhodes and others were saying that this rogue (My word, not theirs) behavior only occurred on one play.

Now these guys are saying it’s all a “miscommunication” (KFAN radio), even the things that Rhodes said post game about the defense deciding to do things their way.

I don’t believe that this was a miscommunication. I don’t believe that what Xavier Rhodes said after the game was a miscommunication. I don’t believe Mike Zimmer when he says this is a miscommunication. I’m not going to be hoodwinked into thinking that all this is a miscommunication.

I think that the Vikings brass circled the wagons and tried to downplay what occurred on Sunday. I believe that the Minnesota Vikings have a bunch of renegade players that have become tired of their coach’s message.

I believe that Mike Zimmer has lost his team. I believe that his message has become stale and I believe that he’s lost the ability to control his players.

I think it’s sickening that the team is trying to pass a bunch of horse manure as something else to its fan base. The Vikings fan base has endured decades of heartbreak and their team losing games that they should have won.

The team is always full of excuses and wishy washy communication. The Vikings fan base grew to like Mike Zimmer because he seemed to be forthright and tell things the way they were. Now Mike Zimmer is trying to pull the wool over their eyes.

I’m not going sit here and believe his garbage or his team’s garbage. I’ve grown very concerned about Mike Zimmer’s ability to make the Vikings the dominant team in its division.

I’ve also grown to think that the Vikings defense has some players who are/will be a cancer to this team. I’m becoming sick of the garbage this team seems to bring in. I hate when my team loses and plays like amateurs. I’m sick of my team losing to the Green Bay Packers but most of all I’m sick that the team’s fan base is made to look like a fools.

Mike Zimmer will now need to impress me and convince me that he’s the right guy for the job. I hope that the Vikings ownership feels the same way. I hope that they will evaluate Zimmer, play by play and game by game going forward.

If this team has more slip ups, plays like fools again and has players who go rogue, Mike Zimmer should be fired. I also believe that the team needs to evaluate what occurred on Sunday and decide it the rogue players belong on the Vikings.

I’m not willing to totally give up on Mike Zimmer just yet but my patience as a fan is wearing thin. I’m very unhappy how the last two weeks played out. I think the team made a ton of mistakes and looked utterly confused on the field.

Mike Zimmer needs to turn this ship around and do it fast or they will continue to be a mediocre team for a long time! 

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