Sunday, December 18, 2016

In a Word - Crazy

We're back with the first In a Word posting in nine and a half months. Spormentary is excited to bring this feature back.

In a Word is a weekly recap of the week’s major sports stories (each story recapped in one word).

Crazy is the word that decided to use to define this past week (week of 12-12-16). There were a number of stories this week that either made you shake your head, scream, laugh or even left you stunned.

From the disgusting reaction by the Minnesota Gophers payers in response to teammates being suspended, to allegations that Tommy Elrod gave team plays to Louisville, to Richard Sherman's "poopfest" comment, and to the hideous horrible, color blinding, pathetic looking uniforms worn by the Seattle Seahawks, this week seemed to have it all.

Jeff Fisher - Canned

Richard Sherman – "poopfest"


Michael Floyd – Dropped

Adrian Peterson – Practicing

Cavaliers – Resting

Jameis Winston - Settled

Tommy Elrod – Traitor

Louisville Football Innocent?

Michael Floyd – Patriot

Sheldon Richardson
– Naughty

Adrian Peterson

Gus Bradley - Fired

Brock Osweiler - Benched

Tom Savage - Rescuer

Ezekiel Elliot - RECORD

Dak Prescott - Questions?

That's it for this week. Sportmentary can't wait to see what next week has to offer.

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