Saturday, December 24, 2016

Has Mike Zimmer Lost His Team?

Life entering the 2016 season for the Minnesota Vikings was full of promise. While the 2015 season ended in a disastrous loss to the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs, the Vikings were entering 2016 as division champions.

The team's defense was on the rise and the team was set to play at their new U.S. Bank Stadium. The Vikings and their fans were praising their new savior, Mike Zimmer.

Then the second half of the season and the last two weeks saw the Vikings' supposedly great defense implode. 

Norv Turners Departure

We will probably never know what caused Norv Turner to bail on his offense and the Minnesota Vikings. The team has been mum on what really happened.

Looking at things now (post Packers debacle) it might have been the beginning of the end for the club. Norv Turner was thought to be among Zimmer's most trusted relationships and he bailed, likely because of differences the two had.

Norv Turner is a well respected offensive coach. The fact that he came to town and failed and then bailed might have something to do with the team's head coach.

This is just a guess and is not based on facts but maybe Mike Zimmer's ego and doing thins his way and only his way might have caused Turner to cut his losses.

The same thing might be happening with the team's defense.

Vikings Defense Bails on Mike Zimmer's Game Plan

Mike Zimmer's defense and in particular Xavier Rhodes and Terence Newman bailed on Zimmer's defensive game plan in the first half. 

By the start of the second half the game was over for all intents and purposes due to the mutiny that occurred with Minnesota's defense.

Sure the team reverted to Zimmer's defense in the second half and were able to do a better job but the damage was done.

The defense showcased their disdain for their head coach and it was on display for the TV viewing public to see. What took place on Sunday is embarrassing.

For Vikings fans it is just another chapter of what can go wrong for their team will go wrong. The Vikings may be a cursed team.

Just when we thought the Vikings had turned the corner another putrid chapter has been written for this franchise.

Shame on me for having faith. Shame on me for believing in this team. The team continuously sticks a dagger in the backs of their fans but you know what, I will be back next year doing the same old thing; Hoping, believing, cheering being disappointed, witnessing the impossible and crying!

What Now?

Vikings ownership needs to take a close look at what hapenned in the last two games and with Norv Turner. To have your defense defy the head coach is unacceptable.

The team needs to decide if they will release a player or two or fire the head coach. Mike Zimmer did turn around a franchise that was a joke. The team had no hope before he came to town.

Zimmer has also been faced with numerous injuries that were out of his control and did have an impact on the failure of the team.

He's done a lot for the franchise but what's transpired the past two weeks shows me that there are players that wanted to send a message to Zimmer, ownership and the team's fans regarding their head coach.

Xavier Rhodes and Terence Newman are complete and utter clowns. Zimmer made Rhodes into the player he is and Rhodes threw him under the bus on Sunday. I can't see how you could have Rhodes playing for Zimmer going forward.

Terence Newman was another person who was considered to be among Zimmer's most trusted relationships and he stuck a knife in Zimmer's back on Sunday!

While it might be too premature to fire Zimmer, it's becoming clear to me that Mike Zimmer might not be the answer for this franchise and if the Vikings do stcik with Zimmer, he should be on an extremely short tight leash.

I believe that if Zimmer returns and the Vikings miss the playoffs next season, he should be terminated. 

Vikings fans have no idea what happened after going 5-0 to start the season and what happened on Sunday but from an outsider things look bleak and troublesome.

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