Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Should the NFL Ban Thursday Games?

On Tuesday, Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks, criticized the NFL for Thursday Night Football games. Sherman blasted the NFL because he believes the short turnaround for teams playing on Sunday, puts players at an increased risk of injury.

Sherman mentioned that the NFL touts player safety, then puts players in harms way. He also called Thursday games "poopfest". 

Should the NFL ban Thursday Night Football? We will get to that shortly.

Richard Sherman is Correct

Richard Sherman makes some good points in his criticism of the NFL. Players need time to rest up between football games. Football players take a pounding every week. They should be protected and the NFL claims that they take player safety seriously.

I have a hard time believing the NFL. In my opinion, the only times that the NFL takes injuries seriously is when they are sued or risk losing money. They are a money making machine and  I believe that their only concern is the greenback.

The NFL has been forced to make changes (concussion protocol) because they were sued. Do you think the mighty NFL would have enacted its current concussion protocol and rules regarding injuries and types of hits that are legal, if they hadn't been sued?

It's about money! Thursday night games bring in tons of money for the NFL. In my humble opinion that's why the NFL continues to play on Thursday nights.

The NFL will eliminate Thursday games if/when they feel that it would be monetarily prudent to cancel them. Until that time, player safety will take a backseat to big money!

Don't Ban Thursday Games - Think of a Solution

I don't think that the NFL should scrap Thursday games. I think that they should think of a creative solution(s). One solution (mentioned by ESPN) would be to ensure that teams play closer to home when they have Thursday games, so player travel would be reduced.

This is an OK idea but still doesn't address the issue of quick turnaround between Sunday and Thursday games.

Another solution mentioned by ESPN would be to reduce the number of Thursday games. The NFL did have a reduced Thursday Night schedule in the past (only a handful of games played) but a few years ago, the NFL added more games (every NFL team has to play on Thursday). Money rules doesn't it?

While reducing the schedule does make sense, you can throw common sense out the window here. Money rules and in my opinion that dictates NFL policy.

I believe adding a second bye week to the schedule would solve the player injury issues. Teams wouldn't play Thursday games in weeks immediately preceding or following a Thursday game.

I know that would throw a wrench into the NFL schedule but the NFL would be able to figure out the logistics.

I think adding a bye week would address both the players and NFL's concerns. The NFL could still make boat loads of money, while the players wouldn't have to worry about a short period of time between Sunday and Thursday games!

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