Thursday, December 8, 2016

Denial of Las Vegas Golden Knights Trademark Name is Ridiculous!

The US Patent and Trademark Office has denied the use of the Golden Knights by the new NHL team in Las Vegas. This is a ridiculous decision and makes me wonder who makes these types of decisions.

According to the reason given for the trademark denial was that the name was too close to the Golden Knights name used by the College of Saint Rose. Once again, are the people who made this decision playing with a full deck of cards (no pun intended)?

Multiple Sports Teams Use the Same Name

As noted by ESPN, there are numerous uses of team nicknames used by multiple names. The Tigers are used by Detroit's MLB team as well as LSU sports teams. 

The name Cardinals is used by Arizona's NFL team and St. Louis's MLB team.

The name Bruins is used by Boston's NHL team and UCLA's sports teams. 

The name Hurricanes is used by Carolina's NHL team and the University of Miami's sports teams. 

The name Panthers is used by Carolina's NFL team and Florida's NHL team.

I can go on and on but this post is not meant to be a list of all teams that have the same nickname. The intent is show that the decision to deny the Las Vegas hockey team the use Golden Knights name is ridiculous, stupid and ignorant.

It shows me that their is no consistency with Patent and Trademark Office when making decisions to accept or deny team names.

This Decision is Flawed

The team has the right to appeal the decision and they will. My guess is that they will win on appeal, especially if there is a credible and rational person who hears the appeal.

I would like to see the Patent and Trademark Office issue an explanation as to why they allowed multiple sports teams to use the same names before this decision. They should explain why other sports teams can use the same name but not the NHL's Las Vegas Golden Knights.

Going forward, does this set a precedence for other sports teams when they are deciding what nickname to use.

Some things just baffle me. I know that in the large scheme of things this is not a big deal but it's stupid decisions like this that make me mad because they are so stupid and flawed.

As mentioned earlier, I do think that the Las Vegas Knights will prevail in the end but a lot more money and time will have been expended in appealing this stupid decision.

It would have been nice if the Patent and Trademark Office had gotten this right Wednesday.

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