Sunday, March 6, 2016

In a Word for the Week of 02-29-2016 – Peyton Manning Retiring

Welcome to another In a Word posting. In a Word is a weekly recap of the week’s major sports stories (each story recapped in one word).

The news that dominated the end of this past week in sports has to be Peyton Manning's announcement regarding his future in the NFL. NFL fans have been waiting for his decision since the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50.

Peyton Manning has given NFL fans lots and lots of memories. On Saturday, Peyton informed the Denver Broncos that he will be retiring. He will officially announce his retirement on Monday.

Sports fans will argue with one another where Peyton’s place is among the greatest quarterbacks. For me, he has to be in the top three but where he belongs is a tough one to call. My top three are Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Joe Montana.

Many sports fans will argue with my ranking. Ranking NFL quarterbacks is one that includes lots of bias. I wasn’t around to watch some the greats of past generations. The game was also different 40 years ago. So rankings are based on who we’ve grown up watching.

Now let’s get to the recap. Funny thing with our post Super Bowl recaps is that the NFL continues to dominate our recaps. The headlines range from players getting into trouble, being released or retiring.

(NFL) DenverBroncos – Offer

(NFL) TonyRomo – Surgery

(NFL) AtlantaFalcons – Idiotic

(NFL) – TerrellSuggs – Arrested

(MLB) JenryMeija – Ridiculous

(UFC) – NateDiaz – Shocker

(UFC) Meisha Tate – Champion

 (NCAAB) Bo Ryan – Cleared

(NCAAB) BenSimmons – Ineligible

(NFL) PeytonManning – Retiring

(NFL) TreMason - Zapped

(NFL) JosephRandle – Busted

(NFL) BuffaloBills - Released

(NCAAF) Lovie Smith
- Illinois

We look forward to another week in sports!

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