Friday, February 5, 2016

Why Hasn’t Johnny Manziel been Suspended by Roger Goodell and the NFL?

UPDATE: Johnny Manziel is now under investigation for an alleged domestic assault of his ex-girlfriend.

In the past couple of years we saw a number of NFL stars being suspended for an entire season. Ray Rice was the first player suspended for an entire season in 2014 and he hasn’t been able to latch on to an NFL team. Adrian Peterson was also suspended for a year due to beating his son.

Sure the NFL and Roger Goodell reacted harshly to these individuals due to a public outcry after a video surfaced of Ray Rice knocking out his then girlfriend. The NFL’s initial mishandling of the incident also resulted in an angry public reaction. Ray Rice initially received what amounted to a slap on the wrist. The NFL later changed that suspension to a year ban.

The Rice and Peterson bans were eventually overruled by Federal  Courts  but the players did sit for an entire NFL season.

If the NFL is trying to be consistent in handing out suspensions and penalties, they are doing a terrible job. Like the reception, no reception rule or rules that no one understands, players don’t really know what punishment they will receive for a myriad of infractions. The NFL seems to make things up as they go along.

Recently we’ve heard about Johnny Manziel and his alleged assaults on his ex-girlfriend. She claims he recently struck her and threatened to kill both of them. What has the NFL’s response been? Nada. Zero. Bubkis. Zilch.

For a league that orchestrated a witch hunt against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots for the so called and immaterial Deflategate, the NFL has done nothing to Johnny Manziel.

Is the NFL’s Reaction/Inaction Due to a Race issue?

On the surface it might look like the NFL’s reaction and inaction are motivated by race. I’m sure there are many people that are upset that Ray Rice who by all accounts has turned his life around and learned from his transgressions can’t find a job and Manziel has had no penalty levied against him. They might think that they race has played a part in NFL not taking action against Johnny Manziel.

I think the NFL will have a tough time convincing people that race has no part in their decisions to punish players. The NFL reacted very harshly against Peterson and Rice and in my opinion that reaction was warranted on moral grounds.

The problem for me is that the NFL had to be forced into taking a tough stand against domestic and child abuse, so the NFL has anything but a moral compass. I’m not sure if there is a moral bone in the NFL’s body, so handing out a punishment on moral grounds seems futile.

That’s exactly what two different federal courts thought as well.

NFL’s Inaction Regarding Johnny Manziel is Based on Legal Grounds

I think that the NFL is taking it’s time and being extremely careful in handing out any punishment to Manziel because they have been embarrassed before by losing in Federal Court. Both the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson bans were ruled to go against NFL policy. The courts ruled that the NFL was basically making things up as they went along and weren’t following their own protocols.

The last thing that the NFL needs now is another case where a degenerate player wins in the court of law. I believe that the NFL does need to be careful but they’ve had enough time to establish a process of dealing with players that are behaving poorly and in some cases might be breaking the law.

I believe that the NFL needs to issue a statement regarding Manziel and they need to suspend the guy. It might end up being a moot point because there is a chance that Manziel never plays in the NFL again. But they still have to punish him. This is the NFL and there are teams like the Dallas Cowboys who will hire Manziel and won’t care what Manziel has done in his private life.

I personally don’t believe that Manziel is capable of being productive right now due to the state that he’s in but I’m sure that there’s a team out there that believes that they can change Johnny. The only one that can change Johnny is Johnny. The best thing for him right now is to be in rehab.

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