Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Minnesota Wild Have Gone from Pathetic to Comedic

On Saturday night I saw another pathetic game when the Minnesota Wild played faced off against the St. Louis Blues in St. Louis. You can’t make up the way this game went. Chances, chances and more chances in the first 38:13 before Matt Dumba got the team on the scoreboard by scoring getting a power play goal.

Prior to their power play goal, the pathetic Wild had a glorious chance and basically a wide open net and of course they missed. The St. Louis Blues took the puck down the ice and they scored.

The Comedic Wild

The Wild have gone from pathetic to comedic. Things keep getting worse and worse and worse. The Wild did score a power play goal that was their loan goal in a period that saw them register 24 shots on net.

Anthony Lapanta praised St. Louis Blues goalie Brian Elliott for making save after save but in reality it’s the inability of the Wild to score that makes opposing netminders look great. This happened so many games of late. Is every goalie they play a future Hall of Fame inductee?

At the end of the second period the Fox Sports North crew were excited as the Wild had gained the momentum, but I was more skeptical. I’ve been lulled into a false sense of positivity by the Minnesota Wild. Who cares if they had twenty-four shots on net. They only scored one goal. I was thinking to myself “do they have to get fifty shots on net in the third period in order to score two goals?”

St. Louis took a 3-1 lead into the third period.

False Hope Was all that the Wild Gave us

Just as quickly as the Wild turned the game into a two score deficit the Blues widened the lead to three goals after scoring a power play goal at the three-minute mark of the third period. It was 4-1 and reality must have started to sink in to Minnesota Wild.

I’ve said this for a few years now; if you can’t score goals it doesn’t matter if you have numerous scoring chances and greatly outshoot your opponent. The Wild had outshot the Blues 33-19 at the 4:41 mark of the third but trailed 4-1 on the scoreboard. That’s all that mattered.

Do you think that the Blues cared that the Wild were greatly outshooting them? No! The only thing that they cared about is that they outscored their Central Division rivals.

The most annoying sounds during the Wild’s s losing streak are the dings, pings and clangs as the puck hits the pipe (goalpost and crossbar). After the Blues scored their fourth the Wild took a penalty but they had a shorthanded goal opportunity. As usual the Wild failed to score as Ryan Suter hit the post!

In the future when the Wild’s announcers start praising the team and try to convince you that the Wild have momentum heading into the third period, take that with a grain of salt. More often than not, the Wild will disappoint you and make you feel horrible inside.

It's much easier to expect that the Minnesota Wild will find a way, any way to mess things up. Actually it’s not easy to believe this but it’s easier than thinking the Wild will impress me and actually start producing.

Final Thoughts

In the end this game was another example of the Wild having glorious scoring chances, tons of shots on net but having the inability of scoring goals. 

A team that outshoots their opponent 33-23 midway through the final frame, should be leading on the scoreboard. That’s not happening with this team. It’s frustrating and infuriating but it’s the reality that we face as Wild fans.

The Wild lost 4-1 to the Blues and outshot them 39-24.

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