Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Minnesota Wild Finally Win A Game

The Minnesota Wild were energized by a change behind the bench when they faced the Vancouver Canucks on Monday night in Vancouver. They came out on fire and never let up (unlike other nights). The Wild snapped an eight game losing streak dating back to January

Wild fans can only hope that the fire lit under their skates isn’t short lived.

New Coach! New Attitude

Yeo’s replacement, Interim Head Coach John “Torch” Torchetti definitely lit a fire within the Wild’s locker room and Wild fans can only hope that this continues. I’m excited about the victory. Finally! Finally a victory for this team. But I must admit that I’ve lost a ton of respect for the players.

The Minnesota Wild and its top players have shown me that they are as fragile as peanut brittle. They seem to have to be mottled and coddled. Lately they haven't acted like professionals and I worry that this team of crybabies aren’t tough enough to deal with challenging times.

I hope that Torchetti can continue to motivate the squad and I hope he doesn’t put up with their cr*p if they attempt to dial it in if they face adversity.

By all accounts the interim coach is a quality leader. I hope that the Wild respect this guy and give him a  shot to prove what he’s capable of.

How The Wild Finishes The Season Will Tell Us A Lot About Their Character

The Wild continue their three game road trip to Canada with a game against the Calgary Flames on Wednesday and the Edmonton Oilers on Thursday. On paper these are two winnable games and the Wild could find themselves in or very close to a playoff spot by the end of the trip.

The games against the Flames and Oilers will not be easy to win. Those clubs will be tough at home, they usually are when the Wild come to town (source: FSN Live Telecast).

Moving on from this road trip, the Minnesota Wild will face some pretty good teams and a Colorado team that the Wild are battling for one of the two final playoff spots. This stretch of games will tell us what if any character the players on this team have.

The Wild have the talent to win a bunch of games and put themselves in a good position to make the playoffs. It’s not necessarily the talent I’m worried about, it’s the character and resolve of this team. In the past two seasons we’ve seen their character blossom when the chips were down. Do they have another remarkable turnaround in them?

I guess that’s the magic question. I sure hope that when April 10th rolls around I will be writing about how awesome and disciplined this team is. I hope I will be writing about another remarkable Wild finish to the season. I hope I will be writing about the belief that “Torch” will be hired as the full time coach.

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