Saturday, February 13, 2016

Minnesota Wild Lose Eighth Consecutive Game And Mike Yeo Fired

The Minnesota Wild lost their eighth consecutive game on Saturday afternoon and shortly after another poor game by his squad, Mike Yeo was fired! It was inevitable that Yeo would be fired if the losing continued, especially the amount of games they are losing at home during the past fifteen games.

A change was necessary. As usual, ownership decided to sack the coach as their first move to try and right a sinking ship. It was also a message to the players that they need to start playing like professionals. The stars need to play like they deserve to be called stars.

Players Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves

I have to admit that when I heard that Yeo was fired, it saddened me. It's not that I think that it was unfair to fire Yeo, it's that I think his team let him down. These primadonnas showed that they are pathetic losers.

Good players don't give up. Good players don't display a lack of effort when the chips are down, a win is necessary and another loss could mean the firing of their coach. The pathetic loss to the Boston Bruins on Saturday showed me that the Wild team are a bunch of hacks.

Players like Zach Parisse, Mikko Kiovu and Ryan Suter should be ashamed of themselves. These stars have crumbled under pressure. I'm not saying that it's easy to lose. I'm confident that this losing streak has taken a toll out of the team but the stars of this team need to be leaders and not crumblers.

Zach Parise is the heir apparent as the team's captain but lately he hasn't earned the right to be anything like a captain and I do believe that when a player's coach is fired due to the poor product on the ice, no player sis deserving of wearing the C on their jersey.

Mikko Koivu should be stripped of his captaincy immediately. He isn't worthy of wearing the C right now. I'm not sure who should be named the captain. There are lots of hacks on this team.

Where Does The Wild Go From Here?

The Wild have named John Torchetti, coach of the American Hockey League's Iowa Wild as their interim head coach. The Wild may actually respond to a new coach and want to prove something to him but I do believe that at least for this season any rebound will be short lived.

If this team can turn it around so quickly, it should anger some fans. Why now? Why didn't they turn it around a few weeks ago?

Are Wild players so fragile? Some players can't be moved or traded due to their contract situations but something needs to be done prior to the NHL trade deadline. Some of the Wild's dead weight should be moved. They don't deserve to play in the NHL.

I guess I'm less sure of the team's future than ever before. This team had such a bright future entering this season and they threw it away. They threw it away.

It's A Wrap

I'm sick to my stomach tonight. I'm angry with the product that I've seen the past month and a half. I'm sick of today's loss and I'm saddened by the firing of Mike Yeo. He deserved better from his players. They let him down and they let the fans down.

The Wild now have to earn back the respect of their fans. They need to stop acting like babies and start acting like professional hockey players. They need to win now. They need to start playing good hockey.

It's shameful how they played on Saturday. It's a disgrace!

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