Sunday, February 7, 2016

Like It Or Not Peyton Manning is A Super Bowl Champion Again

The NFL season came to a fitting end tonight in the Bay area. The Denver Broncos are the champions of the NFL (Denver defeated Carolina 24-10) and once again the AFC stands atop the NFL mountain!

Some people might not be happy that Peyton Manning won another Super Bowl tonight in Super Bowl 50 but he did. Peyton's Denver Broncos did just that. Denver's defense did just that.

Peyton didn't have to do much. He had to move the ball a little bit, get a few first downs and most importantly he had to make few errors. Peyton Manning made very few errors and that allowed the best defense in the NFL to do its job.

Most of the credit for Denver's championship has to go to the mighty Denver defense.

Smothering Denver Defense

Led by Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller, the Broncos smothered Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

Von Miller seemed to be everywhere tonight. The guy made big play after big play. He was sensational.

Carolina was able to make a play here and a play there but for most of the game's sixty minutes it was the Broncos defense that ruled the night.

When a Carolina running back tried to run the ball he was met by a Denver defender. When Cam tried to pass the ball he was either sacked, hit, ran down, pressured or his receivers were clobbered if they were even able to catch the ball.

The speed of Denver's defense was just too much for Cam and his offense to deal with. It was something to see this Broncos defense in action.

I never gave them a shot. I knew that they were good but not good enough to beat the Carolina Panthers.

Wrap Up

Peyton Manning didn't have great stats in Super Bowl 50. He didn't have to but he knew what to do. He knew it was the defense that would win the game.

Manning showed how great a football player he is. He took a step back and allowed his defense to get the glory.

I'm a huge Peyton Manning fan and I'm so happy he will leave the game on top. It's been a hell of ride he's taken his fans on. He's been fun to watch. He's been a gentleman and a great ambassador for the game.

Tonight is a great night. The Broncos won, Peyton won and the AFC won.

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