Tuesday, February 9, 2016

In a Word – Super Bowl Bonanza

Super Bowl 50 is in the books and with that so is the 2015 NFL season. It was a fun season to watch. The football was good, the playoffs were great and the eventual champion’s defense was spectacular.

I loved the Super Bowl. It was a close game until the last few minutes, Peyton won his second Super Bowl and the Broncos’ won their third championship.

Virtually no one gave the Denver Broncos a chance to win the game, including myself. I thought the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton would be too much for the Broncos’ to handle but that wasn’t the case.

The Broncos’ defense suffocated Cam Newton and made him show his true cry baby character. Cam Newton is great at celebrating touchdowns and victories but he’s a poor loser. Cam is immature and he’s twenty-six.

At this point in his life, Newton should be more mature. Instead of embracing his role as the face of the NFL, he is too concerned with loving himself. Will Cam Newton be a great QB? Maybe but his attitude and poor character might be his undoing.

Despite Cam and his temper tantrum, the Super Bowl was fun to watch and I now enter NFL withdrawal.

Now on to the recap (in a word of course). In a word is a weekly recap of the weekly sports news and headlines (Each major story in one word).

(NFL) Ryan Murphy - Home

(NFL) Johnny Manziel – Smack

(NHL) Dennis Wideman – Twenty

(NFL) Johnny Manziel – Investigation

(NCAAB) Louisville Cardinals – Thud

(BPL) Liverpool – Walkout

(NFL) Brett Favre – Hall

(NFL) Carolina Panthers – Awards

(NFL) Marshawn Lynch – Retiring?

(NFL) Super Bowl 50 – Defense

(NFL) Von Miller – Great

(NFL) Denver Defense - Spectacular

(NFL) Peyton Manning – Champion

(NFL) CamNewton - Baby

Sportmentary hopes to see you next week for another In a Word weekly sports recap.

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