Tuesday, February 9, 2016

If Cam Newton Is The Face Of The NFL The League Is Doomed

If Cam Newton is the new face of the NFL, the league is doomed? Maybe not doomed but it sure will have taken a step backwards. Does the NFL want a player who goes overboard when he wins and then in classless fashion acts like a spoiled brat and baby when he loses?

Does the NFL want a “sore loser” as the face of their brand? Cam Newton had a chance today to apologize for his childish actions in his post Super Bowl tantrum. Instead Newton said that he is a sore loser and that he wouldn’t apologize for his actions.

That’s not the type of face that I would want for my league. In my article yesterday, I ended by saying that Cam would learn from this experience and would mature. Now I think that this sore loser, cry baby and poor winner won’t change.

I Hope That Cam Newton Isn’t Successful Going Forward

Cam Newton will continue to be a polarizing figure for the NFL and its fans. Cam isn’t interested in being a good face for the league. It’s a shame. There have been great statesman for the NFL in the past and Cam isn’t close to the types of individuals past leaders were.

After facing criticism for his celebrations after winning games, Cam responded by saying that his opponents should stop him if they didn’t like it. The Denver Broncos stopped him, stomped over him, obliterated him and relegated him to a mediocre quarterback during Super Bowl 50.

Cam responded by having a less than mediocre attitude after the loss. Today he took that poor attitude to another level and now I don’t want Newton to succeed. I want him to fail. I want to see more of the pouty, crying Cam. That’s his true colors and I want to see more of who he really is.

I want him to be such a poor sport and loser that he will not be considered the face of the league. The face of the league should be able to have fun when winning and be gracious in defeat.

I was willing to give Cam the benefit of the doubt and hope that he would learn from his mistakes but today he continued to act like a spoiled entitled brat. That type of player has no place as the face of the NFL.

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