Saturday, February 6, 2016

Fox Sports North Not Doing a Good Job Promoting Minnesota Girls During Hockey Day Minnesota

During today's telecast @FoxSportsNorth (FSN) mentioned that Minnesota has the most girls playing hockey in Minnesota. That's great news but Fox Sports North gives the viewer of their coverage of Hockey Day Minnesota that they give a darn about girl's & women's hockey in the state of hockey.

I've been watching FSN's coverage of Hockey Day Minnesota for a number of years now and the one thing that stands out to me is that the reality of the girl's game takes a back seat to the boy's. I think that it's worse than taking the back seat. It virtually takes a no seat.

Surein the past FSN has aired taped a girl's game that aired when most everyone was sleeping. This yearFSN will not even air a taped game.

It annoys me when they (FSN) even mention girl's hockey. In reality of the coverage of Hockey Day Minnesota is that  FSN doesn't care about the girl's game. If FSN cared about the girl's game and wanted to promote it, they would air a live game when people are awake and not sleeping.

If a big network like Fox would air a girl's game, maybe girls in Minnesota would feel that they are being taken seriously by Minnesotans. Girls growing up now would be more inclined to play hockey.

Minnesotans Need to Start Supporting the Game

Every year, including this year, I come down hard on FSN but maybe my anger is misguided. Maybe my anger should be directed at Minnesotans. Why would I say that? If Minnesotans refused to watch FSN's coverage of Hockey Day Minnesota, maybe FSN would air a live girl's game.

I place blame upon myself as well. I watch FSN's coverage and the only thing that I'm doing is writing one measly blog post per year. Maybe I could do more to support the girls who play hockey in this state.

My guess is that they air live games based on ratings. If Minnesotans demanded coverage of the girl's game, I'm guessing FSN would air more live girl's hockey.

FSN Still to Blame

While Minnesotans do share in the blame of not supporting the girls playing hockey in the state of Minnesota, FSN could take the lead and help promote the girl's game. Why be a follower FSN? 

If FSN took it upon themselves to promote girls in this state, it would go a long way to get more Minnesotans involved in girl's hockey.

I believe the media has a role to play in growing Minnesota hockey. The game of hockey needs to include the girls who play hockey as well. The media needs to show more girl's hockey games. At this time FSN has failed the girls who play hockey in Minnesota.

Until FSN decides that they will air a live girl's hockey game during Hockey Day Minnesota, I will continue to criticize them. I don't think that FSN can claim they are doing a good job promoting and covering hockey day in Minnesota when they ignore the girls who play the great game of hockey.

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