Monday, February 8, 2016

Cam Newton Needs To Grow Up

Cam Newton’s performance during Super Bowl 50 was less than flattering but his performance after the game in his press conference was despicable. Cam showed us that even though he’s 26, he is still very immature and sometimes acts like a baby.

When Cam is winning, he likes to celebrate and entertain his fans. He’s on top of the world and there’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t like the criticism levied at him for celebrating. He’s fun to watch and his celebrations aren’t fake, they are natural.

When Cam loses, the guy sulks and acts like a five year old who hasn’t gotten their way. For Cam to be truly great, he needs to mature. It’s sad that the NFL’s MVP didn’t have an MVP attitude after the Super Bowl to match his great talent.

Cam had a spectacular year. He entertained us and at times we were speechless at the things he did. His offense lit it up during the playoffs, until he ran into the mighty Denver defense.

Cam Newton Should Learn From The Greats

The great quarterbacks (QB) have a way of handling gut wrenching defeats in a graceful manner. Tom Brady has lost two Super Bowls but handled himself with class and answered questions from reporters in a respectful manner. Peyton Manning has lost two Super Bowls and like Tom Brady, he handled himself with class and was respectful to reporters even though he was agonizing in defeat.

If Cam Newton wants to be a great QB, he needs to start by being a great person off the field. I think one’s personality can go a long way to helping that player be even greater on the field. If Cam can mature, he will be a better QB.

I don’t think that it’s coincidence that the great players show restraint, resolve and class off the field. Its part of their package to handle themselves well both on and off the field of play.

Cam Newton should learn from the great players and work on maturing into the adult he’s capable of becoming.

I think that showing up in a hoody that tried to cover his pouty face was classless and showed his fans that he’s still immature and doesn’t have a clue how to carry himself when the chips are down.

Cam’s answers were terrible and disrespectful. I think he disrespected the game on Sunday night and that’s a shame. In defeat, he didn’t have an MVP attitude at all. I sure hope that he can move beyond this incident and can grow into a great QB.

Cam Newton Can learn From His mistakes

I truly believe that Cam Newton can mature into a great quarterback. He’s shown us the past few years that he’s matured into a good team leader and his skills at a QB position have as well.

Cam had his way with things this season and that’s why he earned the MVP award. He’s a talented QB with raw physical ability rarely seen by quarterbacks. I thing Cam was caught off guard by Denver during the game and he had his worst game of the season. He showed us that he wasn’t Superman but a mere human being.

Cam could have gone a long way at silencing his critics if he had shown up to his post-game press conference with a supersized attitude and acted like an adult.

Cam Newton studies game video in his preparation for games. I think he should watch and re-watch footage of his press conference. I think he would be embarrassed by how he acted and would strive to do better in the future.

Cam Newton is a smart young man. I think he has the ability to turn this negative moment into a positive outcome for the future. I look forward to seeing Cam Newton develop into a truly great QB.

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