Monday, January 11, 2016

Why I Believe Marvin Lewis Should Be Fired

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In the past I’ve been a Marvin Lewis and Cincinnati “Bungles” Bengals apologist. Even after last year’s playoff debacle I was saying that the Bungles should give Marvin Lewis another crack at things.

After Saturday night’s ridiculous and disgusting loss to the “dirt bag” I mean Pittsburgh Steelers, I’ve changed my mind. It’s not because this was the 5th straight season that the Bengals have lost in the first round of the playoffs. Well, that does have something to do with it but it’s the way they lost.

Leading with time running out on the Steelers, Vontaze Burfict took a cheap shot and vicious headshot to the defenseless Antonio Brown. It was a senseless penalty, taken by a mad man, a guy who had acted like a psycho path for the better part of a quarter (4th quarter). Ben Roethliberger’s pass had already sailed over the head of a leaping Brown, when Burfict came barreling in and took aim at Brown’s head.

This could have been averted. That 15 yard penalty would have been a killer in and of itself but then Adam Jones’ lost control by shoving an official. That added another 15 yard penalty and sealed the fate of the Bungles once again.

These two penalties should seal the fate of Marvin Lewis in Cincy but I don’t think the Bungles will have the smarts or the gumption to fire Lewis. They must like losing. They must enjoy being embarrassed year after year.

Lewis should be fired because he knew about the team’s past failures. He saw Burfict running around the field and opponent’s sidelines in wild manner. Vontaze was out of control and had to be calmed down (or an attempt to calm him down) by his coaches and teammates.

Burfict did not heed his team’s call for him to compose himself. Series after series the goon looked like he was ready to snap. Sure he made some big plays but I remember telling myself that Burfict was going to cost his team the game and I was right.

Lewis should have known that he had a player that was out of control and he shouldn’t have taken any chances with an out of control Burfict. Lewis couldn’t afford to take any chances, after what had transpired in the past 4 playoff games. He shouldn’t have left anything to chance but he did.
Lewis took a chance that Burfict would make a big play. He had previously but not on Pittsburgh’s final drive. The big play he made was a foolish, selfish, dirty, disgusting and boneheaded one. It was a disgusting scene and one that could have and should have been avoided.

Lewis chose to take a chance with a psychotic player. He chose to keep a wild and out of control player on the field and it cost him the game. Lewis can’t control the behavior of his players on the field but he can prevent the type of nightmare that occurred on Saturday night. He could have benched Burfict and took his chances.

Had the Bengals lost the game anyway, I would have respected Lewis for taking a stand against an out of control player. I would have been willing to say that he should be given a shot. Truth is, I don’t think that Marvin Lewis is capable of leading his team to the Promised Land. He lacks the ability to make the right call when it’s needed the most.

Lewis disappointed me on Saturday but what was even more disappointing was his post-game interview where he seemed unconcerned about what had just transpired on the field. Sure he was unhappy that this team lost but he brushed away and seemed unconcerned that one of his hot headed players had cost his team the game.

Lewis will likely keep his job because Andy Dalton, who had been lighting it up prior to his injury was not playing. That’s BS. We all know Dalton’s playoff record when he’s been healthy. The guy’s been out for a few weeks, so what makes anyone think he would have played well in the Wild Card game?

AJ McCarron did a decent job in Dalton’s absence. He even drove the Bengals down the field for what looked like the game winning score.

I think giving Lewis a chance because of Dalton’s absence would be a huge mistake. It’s time the Lewis take his act somewhere else. Let him stink up the playoff field with another team. How about the Cleveland Browns?

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