Sunday, January 17, 2016

Thrilla in Arizona - Arizona Cardinals Defeat Green Bay Packers in OT

One of the great, exciting, dramatic and wild NFL playoff games ended in dramatic fashion in Overtime (OT) on Saturday night. It took just three plays in OT for the Arizona Cardinals to beat the Green Bay Packers in Saturday's NFC Divisional playoff game. It was the legendary Larry Fitzgerald who was the hero.

For those fans who dislike the Packers (Count me in), who saw the Green Bay Packers lose and lose in this fashion, it was amazing to see. I went nuts. I was so happy to see the Packers, who seem to continuously have the zebras on their side, lose in this fashion.

Zebras (Officials) in Aaron Rodgers Back Pocket?

What am I talking about with regards to the zebras (officials)? With just four seconds left in regulation, Aaron Rodgers threw a hail Mary pass, while he was off balance and the Packers scored a touchdown (TD) with no time left on the clock. Was it a great play? Yes, but the play shouldn't have counted. Green Bay had an obvious holding penalty that was never called.

The officials seem to miss these holding penalties on big plays by the NFL's darling, Green Bay Packers when Aaron Rodgers is involved in a play. 

That play reminded me of the Detroit game when Rodgers threw a game winning hail Mary TD. The problem is that the play before that one, Detroit was called for roughing the passer. The problem was that there wasn't roughing the passer. It was a phantom call.

Then on the Hail Mary pass that followed, a Detroit player was held while chasing Aaron Rodgers. This nonsense makes NFL fans angry, especially those who dislike the Packers and are sick of this team getting the benefit of bogus calls and non-calls.

In the end, in Saturday's game, it didn't matter because Arizona had some magic of their won.

Arizona Cardinals Answer Green Bay's Dramatic TD With Their Magic of their Own in OT

I thought I was going to vomit after Aaron Rodgers magical play in regulation. I thought the Cardinals were done. In fact, before this game even started, I thought that the Packers would defeat the Cardinals.

The Carson Palmer who had shown poise in the face of near disaster, teamed up with Larry Fitzgerald on the first play offensive play of OT.

Green Bay had Palmer pinned and it looked like Carson would be sacked around the ten yard line but Carson wiggled out of trouble and found Fitzgerald 20 yards down field.

Fitzgerald turned that play into a 70+ yard play and took the ball down to the four yard line. Two plays later, Palmer would throw a shovel pass to Fitzgerald for the game winning score and in a heartbeat Carson Palmer and the Cardinals provided magic of their own.

That was it, the Cardinals were advancing to the NFC Championship game and the Packers were going to take a flight back the Green Bay.

Absolute Joy

There are few things that I like almost as much as a Minnesota Vikings victory. Seeing a Minnesota Wild and Twins victory ranks up there.

Almost as pleasurable as seeing a Vikings victory is seeing the Packers losing. Especially in a playoff game. Especially the way they lost on Saturday night.

This loss by the Packers was a thing of beauty. They must have thought they had the game won after Rodgers Hail Mary.

I can imagine how the team and their fans felt a few minutes later.

I know how I felt. I was so happy. I was yelling and screaming. To say that I felt total joy and happiness is an understatement.

Now I can enjoy the rest of the playoff weekend. I can now relax and hopefully see some good NFL football today (Sunday).

For the last week I've been sad and deflated after the Vikings loss to Seattle. While the Packers loss doesn't completely heal those wounds, I do feel much better this morning.

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