Thursday, January 14, 2016

San Francisco 49ers Terrible Coaching Decisions Continue With Hiring of Chip Kelly

The San Francisco 49ers hired Chip Kelly today. This is another sad chapter for this once storied franchise. Gone are the days of a great team with great players, coaches and front office staff. Gone are the days of the team having a credible and relevant owner.

The hiring of Chip Kelly makes it look like the team has been hustled. What is evident to me is that this team can’t make good decisions when hiring a Head Coach. The past two years have been excruciating for 49ers fans.

Just a few years ago it seemed that this team was just getting started. They had lost a nail biter to the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl and the team was one of the dominant teams in the NFC.

Then the sh*t started hitting the fan.

Forced a Great Coach Out

Last year the 49ers forced out a great coach. Due to conflicts between Head Coach John Harbaugh and the front office, Harbaugh was forced out. When that happened I knew the 49ers were headed in the wrong direction. I knew that the team would fumble their way through season after season.

The 49ers are proving me right. It’s as if this team seems to be winging it when it comes to important decisions. The team seems to be acting like a deer in headlights. It’s not funny. This team is pathetic and is a laughing stock.

When you can list the 49ers alongside the Cleveland Browns as teams that are mismanaged and mishandled, you know that there’s a huge problem.

After basically running John Harbaugh out of town, the 49ers went right back to making putrid decisions when they hired Jim Tomsula.

Hired an Inexperienced Coach as their Head Coach

After Jim Harbaugh left the team, they promoted an inexperienced coach. In hiring Jim Tomsula, they hired an experienced position coach. Tomsula had been the defensive line coach since 2007. The hire didn’t make sense. It seemed like the 49ers were setting up Tomsula to fail.

It made no sense hiring such a guy who wasn’t even a coordinator. The guy definitely was inexperienced enough for the position. The fact that the 49ers hired Tomsula shows me the team was either stupid or not interested in winning.

Many experts knew that this wasn’t going to work out well for the team. It’s sad that they promoted a guy that lacked the experience necessary to be a Head Coach. The guy had been with the team for a long time.

Tomsula didn’t last more than one season. After the 49ers stunk up the field again this year, they fired Tomsula. They hadn’t given the guy a chance to show if he could succeed. I think reality set in that the Tomsula hire was a bad one.

If 49ers fans thought things couldn’t get much worse, they might be in for a big surprise. Their new head coach is a perfect fit for the bumbling organization.

Why Kelly Hire Was the Wrong Decision

So how did the 49ers correct terrible decisions? They compounded their issues by hiring a clown. Chip Kelly was a good college coach. His gimmicks could work in college football but when it comes to the NFL, teams are more experienced.

Kelly’s college style trickery worked in his first year with the Philadelphia Eagles but other teams caught on to his nonsense and after that Kelly’s offense was reduced to a few good plays/games here and there.

By his third year, complete disaster set in. Kelly didn’t know how to adapt to the big game. He continued to make poor decisions.

Kelly was given the keys to the Philadelphia Eagles this season and that meant he made player decisions. Kelly gutted his team and made terrible player decisions. The guy killed his team’s chances of success and has left the Eagles reeling!

Kelly also doesn’t have good communication skills with his players. He reportedly leaves that communication to his coaches. Kelly has rubbed former players the wrong way. Some players even hate him and wish him bad luck.

Kelly is not the type of guy I would hire as an NFL coach. If they aren’t already, the San Francisco 49ers are about to become a huge circus.

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