Friday, January 29, 2016

The NFL Should Scrap the Pro Bowl Entirely

The question of what should the NFL do with the pro Bowl seems to come up every year. Sometimes the questions are worded differently, such as, how can the NFL improve the Pro Bowl or what can the NFL do to attract more viewers to the Pro Bowl.

I think that the NFL should scrap the game entirely. I periodically switch to the game for a few minutes every year and I’m left with the same feeling. The game sucks. It’s almost impossible to see the regular season and playoffs and then watch the garbage football being played.

Watered Down Product

The Pro Bowl has become a watered down product that reminds me of the numerous NCAA Bowl Games that are played every year. The product is terrible. In the NCAA’s case it’s due to having almost every NCAA team in a Bowl Game.

As far as the Pro Bowl is concerned the watered down product has to do with too many of the selected players refusing to play in the game or not being able to play in the game due to injuries or that they will be playing in the Super Bowl.

This year the NFL had to add players like Teddy Bridgewater to the game because so many players dropped out. I’m a Teddy fan but come on. Teddy was near the bottom of the pack as far as starters were concerned. He might have potential but the guy isn’t a Pro Bowl caliber player yet.

Product Stinks

Not only do I believe that the game’s talent has been watered down, I also believe that the product on the field is terrible. The players who do play, hardly tackle their opponents and don’t seem to be giving the game much effort. Who can blame them, would you want to get injured in a meaningless game?

I wouldn’t want that to happen to me if I was an NFL player. The players might be having fun having to do little or nothing on the field but that detracts from the game and has made the Pro Bowl next to impossible to watch.

Does anyone actually watch the game? Are you going to watch the game? I’m curious what the ratings will be for this year’s game.

I think it might be time for the NFL to stop thinking about how it can improve the game and just scrap it all together. I think that there are more important things to think about. I personally don’t think much can be done to improve a terrible product and I do believe that NFL fans aren’t interested in the game.

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