Sunday, January 31, 2016

John Scott and the NHL All-Star Game were a Success

All-Star games, Pro Bowls, etc, are usually boring affairs. Last year's NHL All-Star game was a failure and there were questions about how this year's game would turn out. I didn't know what to expect this year. To my surprise this year's game was a major success.

Nashville put on a great event and the games themselves were fun to watch. They were exciting and meaningful. Nashville should be proud of the event(s) that they put on.

There were a number of reasons why this year's event was a success and it starts with the change in format for this year's All-Star game.

Great Format

I never thought that I would say that an All-Star game format would excite me and would be a success. The three on three bracket style ornament was exciting. The Western Division was broken down into a game between the Pacific Vs. Central divisions. The winner faced the winner of the Eastern Conference champion which was between the Atlantic and Metropolitan divisions.

The Pacific Division obliterated the Central Division in a stunner and faced off against the Atlantic Division. The Pacific Division defeated the Atlantic 1-0. Who would have thought that a 1-0 game would be exciting or even occur at an All-Star game?

I sure hope that the NHL keeps this format. I'm sure the NHL will wait for the results of the game to see if the fans liked this new format. I would be surprised if the game was anything but a major success.

Players Gave Full Effort

I think that the 1-0 game was exciting because the players were putting forth a great effort. You could see that the players wanted to win. They weren't just going through the motions.

The players had a lot on the line. The players of the winning team, the Pacific Division shared a one million dollar prize. Players back checked, checked and played some defense.
There players showed tons of emotion and effort for an All-Star game. It was surprising to see.

Then there were the goaltenders. They put on a great show. The final between the Pacific Division Vs. the Atlantic division ended at 1-0. That's amazing. In previous years the score would have been 150-149. OK, that's an exaggeration but it has been evident that in past years' there was no intensity or emotion in the game.

Let's hope that future games are as successful as this one. The game had an unlikely hero this weekend. The city of Nashville, NHL fans and the players all showed their support for this player and it ended up that this player became the focus of the event. This player didn't disappoint.

So who is this player?

John Scott

John Scott was voted in to the All-Star game and was supposed to captain the Pacific Division when he was traded from the Arizona Coyotes to the Montreal Canadians. Scott was sent down to the AHL and is currently playing for the St. John's IceCaps.

There was a question if the NHL would allow Scott to play in the game and captain the Pacific Division. The NHL and Gary Bettman made the right decision to go along with the fans decision to vote in (By write in ballot) John Scott.

John Scott was the hero and focal point of the event. John Scott became a legend and his stock has grown by leaps and bounds. Every time Scott took the ice or his name was mentioned, the fans roared their approval. I haven't seen anything like that before. It was amazing to see.

Scott didn't disappoint his fans. Scott scored two goals in the first game and the fans went crazy. Scott was voted in as the game's MVP by the fans. The legend of Scott was born and he owes that to the fans who embraced him.

Scott isn't known as a goal scorer. He's an enforcer but he did show that he has some skill. One thing is certain, John Scott added to the game's excitement.

This hockey fan who was eager to see how this new format would work thinks that this was one of the best NHL games in the history of the league.

I guess the NHL can do something right.

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