Tuesday, January 12, 2016

In a Word - NFL Wild Card Madness

In a Word is a weekly (not for some time) recap of the week in sports (In one word). In this special edition, we recap the wacky and wild NFL Wild Card weekend.

What started off as funny with the Cincinnati Bengals melt down ended (for me - I couldn't give a cr*p about an easy game for the Packers) in complete shock and grief.  Sure I knew that Walsh would miss a chip shot, since he had missed a number of point after attempts from a few yards further back from this attempt and it's to be expected that my Minnesota Vikings would find a way to lose. That being said, I was still in shock.

How many different ways can this organization fumble, flop, drop and miss their chances at winning big time playoff games?

Does this team have a good future? On paper it does but trust me, just when you think this team is on the cusp of something special, the Vikings will find a way to stick a dagger in the hearts of their fans.

Now to to the recap.

Minnesota Vikings - #$@&%*!

Adrian Peterson - Again

Adrian Peterson - and

Adrian Peterson - Again

Minnesota Vikings - Typical

Seattle Seahawks - Whew!!!!

Cincinnati Bengals - Bungled

Vontaze Burfict - Dirty

Vontaze Burfict - Disgusting

Adam Jones - Ridiculous

Adam Jones - Scum

Marvin Lewis - Loser

Marvin Lewis - Gutless

Pittsburgh Steelers - Lucky

Houston Texans - Demolished

Kansas City Chiefs - Boom!

Green Bay Packers - Great?

Washington Football Club - Defense?

Well that's it for this week.

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