Monday, January 18, 2016

In a Word – NFL Divisional Playoffs & More

In a word is a weekly recap of the weekly sports news and headlines (Each major story in one word).

The NFL Divisional playoff round was just as exciting as last weekend’s games, maybe even more. There were some dramatic finishes as well as some dumb ones. The games had us on the edge of our seats. This has to go down as one of the most exciting weeks in NFL Playoff history.

What’s great for the fans and the league is that the top two seeds in both conferences advanced to their conference championship games. Now that’s football!

My favorite finish to a game (4th quarter and OT) has to be the crazy and Wild Arizona Cardinals Vs. Green Bay Packers game. There were many twists and turns, crazy plays, a Hail Mary TD pass and exciting OT finish. That finish was exciting for fans like me who dislike the Packers.

Then there was the New England Vs. Kansas City game that featured one of the most idiotic drives that I’ve seen in the playoffs so far. Trailing by 15 points and needing a touchdown, the Kansas City Chiefs took what looked like a century to move the ball down field and an eternity to move the ball one yard.

The other two divisional playoff games were very exciting as well and did come down to the wire. Denver needed the 4th quarter to earn the team a victory and Carolina almost blew a 31-0 first half lead in the second half.

There wasn’t a game this past weekend that was out of reach. I hope that next week’s games can live up to the past two playoff weekends.

The Recap!

Jonathan Vilma – Disgrace

San Francisco 49ers – Clueless

ChipKelly – Hustler

Adam Jones – Sincere?

Chris Davis – Cash!

Kansas City Chiefs – Hurry!!!!!

Arizona Cardinals – Fitzgerald

Carson Palmer – Finally!

Green Bay Packers - Yeah

Anze Kopitar – King

SeattleSeahawks – Almost

Carolina Panthers – Barely

Pittsburgh Steelers – Valiant

Denver Broncos – Resilient

PeytonManning - General

That's it for now. Visit us next week for another installment of In a Word!

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