Sunday, January 24, 2016

In a Word – He's Back! Peyton Manning Reaches his Fourth Super Bowl

In a word is a weekly recap of the weekly sports news and headlines (Each major story in one word).

It was an exciting week to say the least. 

Peyton Manning proved he can still guide a team to a Super Bowl. Sure he's the beneficiary of his team having the best defense in the AFC but Peyton didn't make many mistakes on Sunday.

He also led his team on drives that yielded points and on two occasions those points were touchdowns.

Can the Broncos defeat the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50? We'll see but the Broncos have the defense to compete in the game, something they didn't have a couple years ago when they faced the Seattle Seahawks.

Carolina can score points, so Peyton will have to play a smart game and make the most of his drives. It should be an exciting game but I give the edge to the Panthers.

Panthers win 27-21.

It was also a week that included some surprises but nothing was more shocking than the firing, dumping and downright disrespectful firing of David Blatt by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As SB Nation reported, Blatt is the most successful coach to be canned by an NBA team. I think that it’s ridiculous that Blatt was fired. Lebron James can claim that he was surprised by the firing but James seemed to give the impression that he wasn’t happy with his coach.

I think that Blatt earned the right to continue to coach the Cavaliers. Cleveland was the runner-up in the 2015 NBA finals and there’s reason believe that the Cavaliers are poised to return to the finals.

OK! That’s enough of my ranting and raving. Let’s get to the weekly recap. There were other exciting stories worth mentioning but in their case it will only be in one word.

(ATP) Novak Djokovic – NO

(ATP) Rafael Nadal - Out

(MLB) Pete Rose – Hall

(NHL) John Scott – Captain

(NFL) Darius Fleming – Hero

(NFL) Kathryn Smith – First

NFL – Intimidates

NFL – Insincere

(NBA) Tate George – Jail

(NBA) David Blatt – Lebroned

(NFL) Anthony Wayne Smith – Life

(Skiing) Lindsey Vonn – Record

(Tennis) Australian Open Match – Fixed?

(NFL) TomBrady – Almost

(NFL) PeytonManning – Fourth

(NFL) Stephen Gostkowski - Missed

(NFL) Carson Palmer – Discombobulated

(NFL) Cam Newton - Champion

(NFL) Cam Newton - Dynamic

The NFL should take a back seat for the next week but I'm sure the sports world will provide us with enough interesting stories to include in next week's article.

Enjoy the week and we'll see you back here in a week.

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