Sunday, January 31, 2016

In a Word– A Break in the Action - NFL Action that is

Welcome to the in a Word recap for the week of 01/25/2016. In a word is a weekly recap of the weekly sports news and headlines (Each major story in one word).

UPDATE: Calvin Johnson has told the Detroit Lions that he is retiring. Although I'm not a Lions fan (Vikings are my team), I loved watching Johnson play. He truly was a great player and had he played with another team he might have won a Super Bowl. He will be missed!

A shout out has to go to Novak Djokovic who dominated the Australian Open and capped off the tournament with a convincing victory over Andy Murray in Sunday’s final. Novak was unbeatable in the tournament and showed tennis fans why he’s the best player in the world and a force to be reckoned with.

This past week was a test run for NFL fans how a week without NFL football will feel like. Sure we have to go through this after every season but it seems like I’m never ready for the NFL season to end. This year will be especially difficult. This year’s playoff season has been the most exciting one that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in my football watching life.

I hope that Super Bowl 50 will live up to its billing. NFL fans are fortunate to be watching the top teams in their conferences play in the Super Bowl. NFL fans are also watching a young dynamic quarterback (Cam Newton) who has matured into a great quarterback (QB) take on a legend (Peyton Manning) who is at the end of his career.

Will youth, physical ability and pure talent overshadow a veteran QB whose physical ability has diminished? Will Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl experience be enough for his Broncos to stand at the top of the Super Bowl mountain?

The answer to the questions above will be answered next Sunday. Then we’ll have to wait until September to watch NFL football again.

I don’t want to give the impression that nothing else is happening in sports. There obviously was or there wouldn’t be a in a Word recap this week. I still have the NHL to watch, which is also a favorite of mine and yes, there are other sports that I watch. So there will be enough to recap week after week.

It’s just that the there’s nothing like the NFL. Every week is critical. Each team only has 16 games to play with, so a loss in any week has a great impact. That leads to the weekly excitement of an NFL regular season.

Unlike the NHL and NBA where over half the teams make the playoffs, in the NFL only 6 teams per conference make the postseason. That means that only 12 out of 32 teams make the playoffs. That leads to the drama of an NFL campaign.

Before I start sounding like a poster boy for the NFL, let’s get to the recap.

(NHL) Minnesota WildChChChChances

(NBA) StephCurry – Fantastic

(NBA) Blake Griffin – Thug

(NFL) Vince Young – Drunk

(NBA) Kevin Durant – Amazing

(NHL) Semyon Varlamov – Degenerate

(NFL) Peyton Manning – Investigation

(NHL) Dennis Wideman – Suspended

(NCAAF) Maty Mauk – Banned

(NFL) San Diego Chargers – Wait

(NFL) Oakland Raiders – Where?

(NFL) Keyshawn Johnson – Out

(NFL) Johnny Manziel – Again?

(WTA) Serena Williams – Austed

(ATP) Novak Djokovic – Impressive

(NFL) Mike Martz - Livid

(NFL) Calvin Johnson - Retiring

(BPL) - John Terry - MLS?

(NHL) - All-Star Game - Success

Vist us next week for another In a Word Recap.

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