Saturday, January 30, 2016

Every NFL Team Should Stay As Far Away As They Can From Johnny Manziel

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has been involved in another alleged incident. Manziel has continued to make terrible choices. The most recent incident involved his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley who was with Manziel in Dallas, where an alleged assault occurred.

Someone else, other than the woman called police and the woman has refused to cooperate with law enforcement.

In October, police were called to the scene of an alleged incident when Manziel was alleged to have assaulted a woman on a freeway in Cleveland. Both the woman and Manziel admitted that they had been drinking earlier in the day. Manziel was not arrested and it was determined that he was not intoxicated.

In November, a video surfaced showing Manziel holding a bottle at an Austin club.

Then in December Manziel who was on the concussion protocol found himself in another incident when he failed to show up to team facilities.

Manziel seems to escape the wrath of the NFL and he continues to thumb his nose at authority. I believe that Manziel is a spoiled brat who believes the world owes him something. I think that he believes that he's above reproach.

The guy is sick and until he truly shapes up and takes care of his issues, he will continue to make poor choices and possibly injure a woman. The guy is a menace and should be treated accordingly.


Manziel has now allegedly been involved in two assault incidents regarding a woman. He continues to avoid the wrath of the NFL.

There's no place for guys like this. If he fails to seek help, he shouldn't play in the NFL.

We will never know what took place during these alleged assaults but the guy is under the microscope and seems to have no concern for how his actions are portaged.

Why is Manziel escaping NFL discipline when players like Rice and Peterson faced the full wrath of the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell?

Only the NFL can answer that question but it does seem like Manziel is getting away with something. Does the NFL really need a video or pictures before it takes action against a player?

Dump the Bum

This was only Manziel's second season. In his first season, Manziel displayed immaturity and a lack of interest. He also put himself in poor situations. He was criticized by his teammates and many in the media were calling him a bust.

In the offseason Manziel checked into a treatment center. It looked like Manziel was a changed man and was taking his profession seriously. That was short lived.

It's not known what he was treated for but if it included any sort of drug or alcohol, the fact that he continues to place himself in situations where alcohol is consumed is not smart.

He's admitted to consuming alcohol which shows that he's not committed to a life of sobriety or even providing the illusion that he's working hard to portray a good image to his team, teammates and fans.

It's time that the Browns dump Manziel and other teams should stay as far away from this bum as possible. Manziel hasn't shown me that he will mature or even has the desire to mature and improve the way he carries himself.

Johnny Manziel has received warning after warning and he's taken those warnings and shoved them up his *ss. It's time for Johnny to face the consequences of his actions. Maybe then he'll smarten up and take his career seriously.

But He's an Adult

There are people that believe that it isn't anyone's business what he does and that he's adult and free to make his own decisions. That's true but his team and teammates can decide to move on from him. It's a free country.

People can argue that it's his life, blah, blah, blah but a QB is the leader of his team and is held to a higher standard of conduct. It might not be fair but that's life and it's the nature of the position and the sport he has chosen.

If Johnny can't handle that responsibility, he should choose a different profession. I don't think that Manziel understands what's expected from him or he's making a choice to ignore those expectations and march to his own drummer.

I think that Manziel has received enough chances and chosen to ignore them. I think that NFL teams that remain interested in this guy will be in for trouble. The guy should choose another line of work. I don't think that Johnny is cut out to be an NFL quarterback.

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