Thursday, January 28, 2016

Calgary Flames Defenceman Dennis Wideman Should Be Banned For Life

UPDATE: Dennis Wideman has been suspended pending a post All Star game review. applauds the NHL for suspending Wideman but is waiting to see what happens after their review.

Original Article
During Wednesday’s night’s game against the Nashville Predators, Calgary defenceman Dennis Wideman crossed checked a linesman. I implore you to watch the video above and to have an open mind when you do watch it.

I watched the video and hadn’t made any judgements about Wideman’s actions before I saw it. After watching the video, I’m convinced that the hit on the linesman was intentional. I believe Wideman pushed the linesman instead trying to move out of the way.

 Wideman Should Be Banned From The NHL

I hope that the NHL sees it that way as well and hands out a severe penalty to this goon. I know that the NHL is soft on goons, so Wideman will probably get a slap on the wrist. I believe that he should be banned for life. At the minimum Wideman should be suspended for an entire season (82 games) and then receive an additional year suspension for claiming the hit was unintentional.

That additional year should be handed down because I believe that Wideman isn’t being truthful and must think that the people who saw the hit or the video of the hit are complete and utter morons.

There is no place in any level of sports for abusing an official. I don’t believe athletes should be allowed to continue in their chosen sport if they physically abuse an official. A strong message has to be sent by the NHL that they will not tolerate this type of behavior.

The Message That Will Be Sent If The NHL Doesn’t Hand Wideman A Lengthy Suspension

If the NHL fails to come down hard on Wideman, it will be sending the message that it doesn’t care if a player physically assaults an official. Other players will be free to tackle, hit and punch officials when they feel like it and then can claim that their actions were unintentional.

It will also send the wrong message to hockey players at other levels of the sport that will try to emulate such behavior. Young kids will think that it’s OK to disrespect game officials. If it’s done at the top level of the sport, it must be OK, right?

The NHL has the ability to send a message. It has the ability to attempt to ensure that its players respect the game, their teammates, opponents, the fans and the officials. If the NHL is soft on this type of behavior it will show that it’s a league that advocates violence!

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