Monday, October 19, 2015

Why The Colts Faked Punt Debacle Is Worse Than The Butt Fumble

Many of us remember the famous Butt Fumble. It made you laugh if we weren’t a New York Jets fan and it made you cry if you were. The Butt Fumble will go down as one of the weirdest and most terrible plays in NFL history but can a case be made that we saw a worse play on Sunday Night?

I think we can make the case that the faked punt debacle in Sunday’s game between the New England Patriots was worse than the infamous Butt Fumble. Why?

Butt Fumble was a Weird Play
The Butt fumble was a weird and unlucky play. It was bad luck, plain and simple. It wasn’t like the Jets set-up for that play. It happened while a play was developing and the fumbler, Mark Sanchez didn’t know what hit him until it was over. Ha ha ha ha.

The play was so funny and unexpected.  The fumble couldn’t come at a worse time for the beleaguered Jets. The Jets were a team in chaos. Mark Sanchez was having a horrible season under center. Everything that could go wrong that season did go wrong.

The play also occurred against the Patriots who are the Jets arch rivals. For all these reasons, the actual play seems worse than it might have been. I think the funny nature of the play and the fact that this was yet another blunder and blooper by gang green, made the play seem bigger and more hilarious than it was.

Indianapolis Had Something to Play for
The Colts had something to play for last night. They want to win their division (which they should do easily) and they want to have the best playoff position possible. Yesterday’s loss was a devastating blow to the Colts.

The Colts have been on the short end of the stick as far as losing to the Patriots are concerned, for years’ now. They needed a win to prove to themselves that they could beat the mighty New England Patriots.

Since the Colts were the whiners who were the accusers of the Patriots in the Deflategate nonsense, the Patriots had something to prove to their fans and the football world. The Colts could have silenced Patriots fans with the win.

Instead of that happening, the Cols ran inexcusable play at the wrong time in the game and the wrong place on the field. By doing the unthinkable and snapping the ball (in fake punt formation), the Colts handed the game to the Patriots.

The Indianapolis Colts looked like an amateur outfit on the botched fake punt. They looked like a team that was confused and scared of the Patriots. They looked like a team that was so desperate that they would attempt a horrible play that had almost no chance of working.

It looked like the Patriots got into the heads of the Colts and the botched fake punt was the culmination of an Indianapolis team that had to resort to trick plays to beat the Patriots.
The Colts looked like a team that didn’t believe they could beat the mighty Patriots.

For those of us that have grown to despise the Indianapolis Colts, the botched fake punt that only faked out the Colts made us laugh so hard that we could hardly breathe. It was an awesome play for Patriots fans and a boneheaded and unimaginable one for Colts fans.

It was justice. It was a play that Pats fans will remember for a long, long time. Due to all the circumstances surrounding the game, Pats fans might regard the botched fake punt as the funniest play ever.
I do think that the botched faked punt is the most terrible play of the past two decades and worse than the Butt Fumble.

I thought it would be years until I saw another ridiculous and unimaginable play that lived up to the Butt Fumble. It didn’t take many years for the Colts to give us another one. I thank the Indianapolis Colts for providing me with some humor and entertainment.

I’m still laughing at how idiotic the Colts looked on that play. It was a dumb and hilarious play. It might take a long time for a worse play to develop in the NFL but until one does, we will have the botched faked punt to turn to for some laughs.

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