Wednesday, October 21, 2015

NFL Recap – Week 6

Week 6 didn’t disappoint us. We had some more OT games (two to be exact) and some really close finishes.

The highlight of the week for me was watching the botched fake punt by the Indianapolis Colts. The Patriots sure are in the heads and minds of the Colts. The Colts must feel that they need to resort to gadget and trick plays to beat the Pats.

The only ones that they are tricking are themselves.
Here is the recap!

Atlanta Falcons 21 at New Orleans Saints 31
Atlanta – Every team has a week where they play like clowns. This was our week.
New Orleans – We won! We won!

Washington Football Team 20 at New York Jets 34
Washington – OK, now we’re back to reality. We can only beat terrible teams.
New York Jets – Without Geno we are a better team!

Arizona Cardinals 13 at Pittsburgh Steelers 25
Arizona – What Atlanta said but this is our second terrible game. So maybe we get two bad games this season?
Pittsburgh – you think you could beat us even if we don’t have Big Ben? Think again!

Kansas City Chiefs 10 at Minnesota Vikings 13
Kansas City – We’re in rebuilding mode.
- Hey zebras? That was a flipping safety. Can’t you morns get anything right?

Cincinnati Bengals 34 at Buffalo Bills 21
Cincinnati – Undefeated! Yes! Andy! Andy! Andy!
Buffalo – We’re good at beating terrible teams? So that means we have a chance?

Chicago Bears 34 at Detroit Lions 37
Chicago - Are you kidding me? We’re bad aren’t we?
Detroit – Yes! You’re not good and your QB sucks! By the way, we won a game!

Denver Broncos 26 at Cleveland Browns 23
Denver – If Peyton can get going we will be a powerhouse!
Cleveland – Same old story isn’t this. Where’s Johnny? Wait a second; he’s acting like a punk!

Houston Texans 31 at Jacksonville Jaguars 20
Both these teams are an embarrassment to the NFL!

Miami Dolphins 38 at Tennessee Titans 10
Miami – We’re back baby!
Tennessee – Don’t be so high on yourselves. You beat an atrocious team!

Carolina Panthers 27 at Seattle Seahawks 23
Carolina – Did you see Cam our man? Yes he can!
Seattle – Do you have him? Do you have him? Who has him? Where is he? TD? TD? Who had him?

San Diego Chargers 20 at Green Bay Packers 27
San Diego – What part of roughing the kicker do the refs not understand. They handed the game to the Packers!
Green Bay – Maybe if you could do more than just pass the ball, you could win. How about playing some defense on a drive or two?

Baltimore Ravens 20 at San Francisco 49ers 25
Baltimore - You know you suck when you can’t beat the 49ers.
San Francisco – We beat the Ravens!

New England Patriots 34 at Indianapolis Colts 27
New England – Justice! Payback! Great play guys?
Indianapolis - Whoever called that stupid fake punt should be fired!

New York Giants 7 at Philadelphia Eagles 27
That was one of the worst games I’ve ever seen. These teams are terrible and should be embarrassed how they played!

That’s a wrap for this week. We hope to see you next week for another NFL recap.

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