Wednesday, October 14, 2015

NFL Recap – Week 5

Tom Brady - PhotoCan you say OT over and over and over again? There were some breathtaking, heartbreaking and nail biting moments in week 4 of the NFL season. I was gripped to my seat, watching NFL RedZone as the returns were coming in and all I could think of saying  was; “Let me breathe… the suspense is crazy”.

To say that week 5 was fun to watch is a great understatement. I only hope that future weeks bring me this much joy and also success in my weekly pick’em!
Now for the recap!

Indianapolis Colts 27 at Houston Texans 20
Indianapolis – That Matt Hasselbeck can sure play a down or two can’t he?
Houston – So how do you start over?

Chicago Bears 18 at Kansas City Chiefs 17
Chicago Bears – Cutler to the rescue. Cutler to the rescue! He’s great! He’s awesome! Ok! Let’s not get carried away here.
Kansas City – So there were people who thought we would do well this year? Ha ha ha ha ha.

Seattle Seahawks 24 at Cincinnati Bengals 27 (OT)
Seattle – Defense? Defense? What the heck are you talking about?
Cincinnati – 5-0! 5-0! Do you know the odds of a 5-0 team making the playoffs? Then pencil in Andy for some playoff magic. He can’t fail now, can he?

Washington Football Team 19 at Atlanta Falcons 25 (OT)
Washington – Now that’s how you lose a game. We’re awesome at that!
Atlanta – Pick Six! Pick Six…and we’re undefeated!

Jacksonville Jaguars 31 and Tampa Bay Buccaneers 38
Jacksonville – These losses will make us better, won’t we? Losing builds character, doesn’t it? You get used to being a loser, don’t you?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Thank heavens for the Jaguars!

New Orleans Saints 17 at Philadelphia Eagles 39
New Orleans – Bring back the brown paper bag!
Philadelphia – So we beat the Aints. WOW!

Cleveland Browns 33 at Baltimore Ravens 30 (OT)
Cleveland – Yes we can! Yes we can! What can we do?
Baltimore – We lost to the Browns? Seriously? Really?

St. Louis Rams 10 at Green Bay Packers 24
St. Louis – We have a good defense but against double check we were third rate.
Green Bay – We still kicked there *ss even with my two interceptions and one fumble.

Buffalo Bills 14 at Tennessee Titans 13
Buffalo – I guess we have to play a terrible team to get a W these days.
Tennessee – Talk about horrible finishes. Next time we should have our siesta after the game.

Arizona Cardinals 42 at Detroit Lions 17
Arizona – Detroit Lions? More like kittens!
Detroit – Only 11 more losses to another winless season. At least we’re working towards something.

New England Patriots 30 at Dallas Cowboys 6
New England – That was easy!
Dallas – Uh Oh.

Denver Broncos 16 at Oakland Raiders 10
Denver – We don’t need Peyton this year. We have a great D!
Oakland – When are we moving?

San Francisco 49ers 27 at New York Giants 30
San Francisco – Where’s Jim?
New York – The division is ours!

Pittsburgh Steelers 24 at San Diego Chargers 20
Pittsburgh – That was awesome!!!!!
San Diego – WTF defense was that? What a bunch of nonsense! I drive my team down the field for what should be the game winning score and the defense let’s that garbage happen? TERRIBLE! Just terrible!

So that's it for week 5! We would love to have you back for week 6. Enjoy the games!

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