Tuesday, October 6, 2015

NFL Recap – Week 4

Week four had some exciting games with a couple ending in dramatic fashion in OT and another one ending with a putrid non-call by officials in the Seattle Detroit game.

One thing is becoming evident this season. NFL kickers are the worst bunch of hacks that I’ve seen in years. Some of these incompetents can’t even kick a chip shot field goal. Missed field goals seem to be an epidemic in 2015.

If kickers aren’t careful they will be Pittsburghed out of town in a flash!
Let’s get to the recap!

Baltimore Ravens 23 at Pittsburgh Steelers 20
Baltimore – Love that kicker bro. He gave us a shot!
Pittsburgh – That kicker is toast and will never play for us again. We had the game and we let them off the hook (where did I hear that before).

New York Jets 27 at Miami Dolphins 14
New York – See what we can do without the foot licker?
Miami – Where the heck has Suh gone. Has he taken the field this year?

Jacksonville Jaguars 13 at Indianapolis Colts 16
Jacksonville – Where’s Jack Del Rio?
Indianapolis – If we had played any other team we would have lost the game.

New York Giants 24 at Buffalo Bills 10
New York – We might start slow every year but we know how to kick it into gear when it counts.
Buffalo – Beating Miami sure gives a team a false sense of how good we really aren’t.

Carolina Panthers 37 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 23
Carolina – This is our year!!!
Tampa Bay – Baby steps. That’s all this is.

Philadelphia 20 at Washington 23 
Philadelphia – Coach is really bamboozling us with his clown act that  he calls plays.
Washington – See how you play the position RG? That’s what I was looking for in a QB.

Oakland Raiders 20 at Chicago Bears 22
Oakland – We lost to this guys?
Chicago – Cutler sucks!

Houston Texans 21 at Atlanta Falcons 48
Houston – Yes sir! We are in rebuilding mode.
Atlanta – 4-0! 4-0!

Kansas City Chiefs 21 at Cincinnati Bengals 36
Kansas City – Me thinks we’re in a whole lot of trouble. Can you say REBUILD!
Cincinnati – ANDY! Andrew! He’s our guy!

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