Friday, July 24, 2015

Can Minnesota Make The Playoffs?

Minnesota Vikings PennantLast season overall was pretty weird for anyone who follows the Minnesota Vikings. It started off with some devastating news that Adrian Peterson would be indefinitely suspended after being charged with child abuse. It ended with more than their fair share of losses, but a bit of optimism as Teddy Bridgewater started to show that he could be the franchise quarterback of the future. With all the best playmakers back in 2015, there are more than a few people in fantasy football leagues two feel like they have enough firepower to make the playoffs.
Everything is obviously going to start with Peterson, as he is still one of the most feared running backs in the game. He is getting close to the end of his prime, but getting a chance to take basically the entire season off last year might have his body feeling fresher than ever. They recently gave him a pretty good contract for someone his age, so they definitely plan on using him much like they did during his MVP season in 2012. After all, that was the last year the Vikings made the playoffs.
As for Bridgewater, there is no doubt that he is going to show improvement in his second year. Not only will teams be focusing on the running game quite a bit more, he will be a lot more relaxed and used to playing at the highest level. They have one of the worst overall offenses in the game last year, but things will be changing in 2015. Greg Jennings is going to continue to be his main target, but they also have some younger guys who looked extremely promising as well.
The pass defense was pretty good last year, and that is important in a division with Aaron Rodgers. Speaking of that quarterback, the Green Bay Packers might be the biggest reason why the odds are not in there favor to make the playoffs. On paper, Minnesota stands very little chance of finishing with a better record then Green Bay this year. They could very well finish above Detroit and Chicago, but they would still need to do enough to get one of the wild card spots. They should finish better than 7-9 in 2015, but they might need to get to 10 wins to get into the playoffs. Eight or 9 wins seems the most realistic.

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