Thursday, May 14, 2015

When Alex Ovechkin Guarantees a Victory You Can Expect the Opposite

Alex OvechkinAlex “Ovechloss” Ovechkin guaranteed a victory for his Washington Capitals in game 7 against the New York Rangers. When Alex made that bold guarantee, I thought to myself that the Rangers had just been handed the victory.

It helped the Rangers that they were playing the deciding game at home. After Washington took a 3-1 lead in the series, it looked the Rangers’ were in big trouble. Then again, they were playing the Capitals who’ve had their share of game 7 heartbreaks (including OTs).

Game 7 did go into OT but it was the rangers who came out on top, leaving Ovechkin and his teammates to wonder what could have been.

Alex has become accustomed to big time failures. He’s the poster child for that.

Alex is a Great Regular Season Player

Ovechkin is a great player…in the regular season. He’s arguably the greatest player in the world during the regular season but when it comes to the playoffs, a different Alex emerges. He has flashes of brilliance but those are often shadowed by a near non-existence in many playoff games.

I’m underwhelmed with his playoff performances through the years. I know it’s not a fair question to ask but I’ll ask it anyway. Would the Capitals have a better chance in the playoffs without Alex ovechkin? Who knows? Alex is the face of the team and may also be the face of their failures.

One thing is certain to me, Alex Ovechkin should never guarantee a playoff victory again. History wasn’t on his side and the guarantee doomed him and his team. It was a no win situation for the guy. How can he explain this loss? How can he explain that he never delivered on his guarantee?

His guarantee makes him look like a dud. I have a recommendation for Ovechkin; He should shut his piehole and concentrate on winning the game. He shouldn't add distractions to his team or undue pressure.

Do you think that I’m being overly critical of Ovechkin? Yes I am but he deserves it.

Ovechkin’s Woes in the Winter Olympics

Alex Ovechkin’s Russian team has had its fair share of frustration and trouble during the past two winter Olympics. In the 2010 Winter Olympics, the Russians didn't only lose to Canada, they were trounced in the Semi-Final game.

Then there was last year’s debacle in front of a home town crowd at Sochi. Alex’s Russian team didn’t even medal. I think that’s awesome. It was wonderful to see Alex and his teammates stumble and crumble at home.

Alex hasn’t won a Stanley Cup or Olympic gold medal and until he does, he might be considered a failure. Sure he’s a great regular season player but that doesn’t count for much. It’s only statistics. If that’s what matters to Alex he is a success. If winning a cup or gold medal is his goal, he is a big failure.

I Don’t Like the Guy

I have to admit it, if it isn't already obvious; I dislike Alex Ovechkin. The reason for this dislike has to do with Alex’s behavior after his Russian team was demolished by Canada in the Semi-Final game at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Alex was invisible during the game against his arch rival Canadians.

When Alex exited the ice, he rudely avoided the media. He acted like a rude punk and not an NHL superstar. The crybaby couldn't even act like an adult for one second.

Sure his team was humiliated by Canada in Canada but he could have showed a little class.

Alex might surprise us all someday and have the last laugh if he wins a Stanley Cup. I think that’s a long shot andI won’t be holding my breath. I sure hope that doesn’t happen.

Alex Ovechkin

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