Friday, May 29, 2015

The Illiterate Adrian Peterson Should Stick to What He Knows Best

Adrian Peterson vented against the Vikings and the NFL in a number of Tweets yesterday. He seems to be trying to be the poster child for guaranteed contracts. So what’s the problem? A person should be literate when writing about contract t changes. See his illiterate rants on

While Peterson’s Tweets seemed to be very anti Minnesota Vikings, he reportedly clarified those Tweets. Don’t you believe Mr. Peterson? Not a chance.

There are a number of things that stand out with Adrian Peterson’s Tweets. The guy is a misguided punk who tried to say that this was all about football (a couple of days ago) and then gets personal. Adrian Peterson seems to lack the intelligence to argue his points. Maybe he should go back to school. How did this guy graduate?

Peterson should stick to what he knows best and that’s playing football and fathering children.


Adrian Peterson is a great back. He plays football better than most people but he’s not a very educated man. Reading his Tweets makes me feel like he can barely write. If Adrian made a point in his Tweets, I don’t have a clue what it is.

His Tweets were so incoherent, he lost me and the message he was trying to make was lost in his inability to write well. AP wrote at a grade three level and that’s being kind.

AP should stop this madness of trying to be the spokesperson for the NFLPA and play football. He does that well but speaking and writing coherently? That’s another story.

Fathering Children

AP does this better than most people. He’s really good at fathering children. Maybe that’s why he needs more money. He needs to ensure that he will be able to support the dozens of kids he might father in the future.

That’s not the fault of the Minnesota Vikings. When AP signed his extension a few years back, he knew what was guaranteed and what wasn’t. He seemed to be happy to be the highest paid back in the NFL. Now he’s unhappy?

The guy has changed his tune over and over again. First he wanted out because he believed the team wronged him which is a complete crock of sh*t. Adrian Peterson was not wronged by the Vikings. Adrian wronged himself and is unable to see that his actions caused the problems he found himself in last year.

Now he says this is about changing the structure of NFL contracts? Seriously? Really? BS!

I might have been a little mean and out of line here. Taking a jab at the guys ability to father children was a little over the top for me but the guy has brought all this criticism upon himself. When Peterson speaks, I want to vomit. The guy is an imbecile and I wish he would just stick to football and forget about trying to be a Nobel Prize laureate.

Adrian Peterson Rant

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