Friday, May 1, 2015

Rafael Soriano Not A Good Fit For The Young Twins

Rafael Soriano Washington Nationals Home Replica Cool Base JerseyOne of the most talented free agents in baseball right now is Rafael Soriano. The closer has had a very successful career up to this point, and he has saved 117 games in the last 3 years. Despite all of that success, people are still looking at his poor finish to the 2014 season and his high asking price as a reason to hold off this year. However, recently the Minnesota Twins have been linked to him as a possible landing spot. Although it might be enticing, Minnesota should not be throwing money at an aging arm.

Right now, Minnesota would be competing with a number of other teams looking for help in the bullpen. As the season goes along, more and more teams will be willing to give him the money he is looking for in order to try to have success. For Minnesota, it really does not make all that much sense for a team trying to rebuild.

The bullpen for Minnesota is not exactly stellar. Glen Perkins is the only one with the value in daily fantasy MLB. He would still be the closer for Minnesota, and Soriano would be used for other situations. However, for a team that probably is not going to contend for the playoffs this year, maybe Minnesota would be better off trying to develop some of the younger arms.

Another thing to consider is that Soriano is probably holding out for a contender this late in his career. That means Minnesota would really have to sweeten the offer in order to make him consider coming to the Twins. It just does not make financial sense for a franchise trying to rebuild from within.

Adding an arm like him would certainly help Minnesota win a few more games, but all in all it is not the move to be made. He might be able to provide a little bit of trade value if everything went perfectly, but the gamble is too much at the moment.

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