Friday, May 8, 2015

Much Ado about Nothing – Tom Brady & Deflategate

Tom Brady PosterSo the Wells Report came out a couple of days ago and in it, it stated that it was more than probable that Tom Brady was aware of the deflated footballs. The report is basically accusing Brady of lying and not cooperating with the investigation, both claims that his agent denies.

Football fans have been fixated over something that I think is much ado about nothing. Other quarterbacks and players in the NFL have said that their teams did the same thing and that it’s common place. Yet, we are fixated on Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Should Tom Brady be Punished?

Do I think that Tom Brady should be punished? Sure I do. The rules were broken and he likely lied about his knowledge and involvement in Deflategate. He should be suspended. The NFL needs to support its rules and those who cheat should be punished.

This would be no different than suspending other players who have broken NFL rules. So yes, Tom should be punished and that’s that. All the other talk about Deflategate is nonsense and hot air.

Not a Competitive Advantage

According to Ben Leber, former Minnesota Vikings player and now a TV/Radio personality, he said on Friday morning’s Power Trip radio show on KFAN that the deflated footballs provided no competitive advantage to Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Ben should know. Other football players and experts have said the same thing. Fans are right in wanting tom Brady punished but to say that Deflategate helped the Patriots win the Superbowl or a playoff game is completely ridiculous.

Fans who want Tom Brady to have some sort of asterisk besides his name due to his role in Deflategate are also ridiculous. The NFL would have to put an asterisk in front of many players who have cheated. That list would be huge and it wouldn’t make any sense to do that.

Other Teams Cheating has Provided a Competitive Advantage

So why pick on the Patriots? Because of jealousy. People are jealous about the success of this team. Some fans seem to hate winners and love to root for inferior teams. People forget that the Patriots were once the laughing stock of the NFL. The team turned themselves around and into a winner.

Other players have cheated (numerous times) and very few people have been upset with them. As Ben leber mentioned this morning, we can look at the Seattle Seahawks who have had multiple players suspended for PED use. We know that PEDs provide a player with a competitive advantage. Shouldn’t we say that the Seahawks Super Bowl victory was tainted?

I believe that most fans give other clubs a pass when they cheat. Look at the Atlanta Falcons who pumped noise into their stadium. That gave them a competitive advantage. I could go on and on but the criticism by football fans regarding the New England Patriots is unjustified, ridiculous and an outright joke.

I believe the only reason football fans are so upset with the Patriots is because they are jealous of the Patriots and their success.

If it was their team that were winners like the Patriots and they did what the Pats have been accused of doing, they wouldn’t care. That’s why I think all this coverage of Deflategate has been blown way out of proportion.

It really has been much ado about nothing!

Tom Brady - Deflategate

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