Monday, April 20, 2015

Alex Boone is a Spineless and Gutless Coward

San Francisco 49ers’ offensive lineman Alex Boone is a gutless and spineless coward. Boone figuratively backstabbed his former coach John Harbaugh and threw him under the bus.

Boone is upset that Harbaugh made him work out and had high expectations of him. He made the guy and his teammates work hard? Wow! What  a bad coach.

Jim Harbaugh’s NFL Coaching record Stands for Itself

Alex Boone believes that Jim Harbaugh is a good fit for Michigan but not a good NFL coach. Is this guy on drugs or is he having mental health issues? Harbaugh amassed a great record with San Francisco

His teams were winners but it looks like Boone was satisfied with his team's accomplishments and he's really a quitter. How dare Jim have high expectations for his team and want to push them. 

Sure the 49ers won two division titles, reached three consecutive NFC Championships and barely lost a Super Bowl but Harbaugh wanted to win the big game. His goal was winning the Super Bowl and he wanted to push his team until they did that.

If players like Boone couldn't take that, they are not true professionals and are a disgrace to the NFL.

Alex Boone Flip Flops

How can we take this underachieving and spineless player seriously? When news surfaced that Harbaugh's tenure with the 49ers was in jeopardy, Boone defended his coach telling the media that "he does a great job". Now Boone thinks he was bad coach for San Francisco?

When was he being truthful? Was it last year or now? I'm not sure but Boone also said that Harbaugh was "clinically insane". The only one that sounds like they are in need of mental health counseling is Boone.

The guy can't make up how he feels and talks out of both sides of his mouth. If I was one his teammates I would stay as far away from him as possible. The guy might throw me under the bus. One day he might praise me and the next day he might criticize me.

I wouldn't be able to trust a player like Alex Boone. He's a gutless and spineless coward who has no shame in stabbing a former coach in the back when the guy is not around anymore. Why didn't Alex have the guts to make these comments when Harbaugh was still his coach?

Alex Boone took the time to show the NFL who he is. He's a guy that flip flops his comments, is a spineless person and a guy who will turn his back on you the moment your back is towards him or you're out of sight.

Alex is also a guy who detests having to be pushed. He must love the status quo. Is this the type of player you want for your team?

Alex Boone

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