Saturday, March 7, 2015

NBA Should Start the Season Earlier Not End Later

Spalding NBA Street Basketball - Official Size 7 (29.5")The NBA is considering extending the season into July in order to space out its 82 game schedule. I don't like this idea. In my opinion it would be basketball overload. The season goes on way too long to begin with, so having the NBA going into summer, might result in many NBA fans may losing interest.

Option 1 - Play Fewer games

The NBA does have the option of playing fewer games but that would be a terrible option and one that the NBA likely not consider a real option. Reducing the number of games played would also reduce the NBA's earnings.

For NBA fans, a reduced schedule would make the league more exciting. Winning a game would be more critical as the teams would have fewer opportunities to make up a loss or a losing streak.

The fans will not be considered under this option because it will not happen. Even the players wouldn't want to earn less money. If the NBA were to choose this option, the owners will surely try to force the players into taking major cuts in pay.

If option one is not a good option what's the alternative to extending the NBA season into July?

Option 2 - Start the Season Earlier

I haven't read that starting the season earlier is an option. The NBA started the 2014-15 season on October 28th. I think that starting the NBA season three to four weeks earlier is better option than extending the season.

The NHL, which also plays an 82 game season that is extremely physical started their season on October 18th. That does mean that the NHL has to start it's exhibition schedule in September but that also means that the NHL season (playoffs) ends in June (first to second week).

I'm not sure if this is an option that owners and players would consider but I personally believe that my option/proposal not only works but is also a better one.

I think that it would solve the NBA's issue of playing too many back to back games and would prevent the possibility of their fans losing interest as the playoffs go into July.

July is summer time and families begin their summer schedules and vacations. If the NBA is worried about stretching their games out as well as maximizing their revenues, they should seriously consider starting their season in early July.

I believe the NBA will opt for extending the season into July. I don't believe that starting the season earlier is even on their radar. That's a shame but I'll have to deal with it.

NBA Regular Season

Which option do you prefer?

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