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Let’s Review: Adrian Peterson is Still a Piece of Garbage

Adrian Peterson 2014 ActionI don’t have any respect for Adrian Peterson. Not only did he beat his four year old son but he’s acted like a cry baby since that event occurred. In this world there are some people who take ownership for their actions and try to become better people. Then there are scumbags who blame the world for their misdeeds and play the poor me game.

Adrian falls into the second group. How can we respect a person like this? This is the type of narcissist that you can never please, no matter how hard you try.

Adrian Peterson, through his degenerate agent says that the Minnesota Vikings aren't a good fit for him. He wants the team to release him. Good luck with that AP (Abuse Perpetrator).

Let’s review the facts in this case.

Adrian Peterson Beat His Four Year Old son

Adrian Peterson did what many degenerate people and low lives have done in the past; he abused a defenseless victim. Adrian Peterson in what he calls disciplining his little boy, took a switch (a stick) and beat the boy until he had cuts, bruises and welts all over his body. The beating went so far that it left cuts on the boy’s genitals.

That’s AP’s idea of discipline but it’s my idea of child abuse. There were some people that say that’s how parents discipline their children in Texas. What? So that makes it right. Some things are wrong and just because some idiots discipline their children in this manner does not make it right.

We have come a long way in society. Women and children used to be the property of men. Women used to be disciplined as well. Today that’s called abuse.

How did Adrian Peterson react? He claimed that’s how he was raised. That’s not only a poor excuse but a total cop out. This is the reaction you would expect from a complete and utter low life scumbag.

How Did the Minnesota Vikings React?

Initially the Minnesota Vikings were going to play Adrian Peterson but due to public and corporate pressure they reversed course. The team fully supported Adrian. They did everything so that he could play.

When the NFL that was already reeling from the Ray rice scandal started feeling pressure from their fans, corporate partners and public officials, the Vikings hand was forced.

The team and Adrian agreed. Again, AGREED that the child beater would be placed on the commissioner’s exempt list. During the time that Peterson was on the exempt list, he was PAID by the Minnesota Vikings. Did I mention that this guy was PAID. He was PAID.

The Vikings also publicly stated that they wanted and expected that Adrian Peterson would play for the Vikings in 2015. His teammates, coaches and team ownership supported the child beater.

Even fans that were disgusted and critical of Peterson’s actions were ready to move on and forgive the man. The media in the Twin Cities were even supportive. This team and community fully supported the child beater.

Did the Vikings let down Adrian Peterson? Absolutely not. On the contrary, the team was loyal to the man.

Do the Vikings Have the Upper Hand?

Peterson claims the team let him down and has insinuated that they threw him under a bus when things got tough. His agent wants him out of Minnesota. Adrian is playing the blame game. He hasn't taken responsibility for his disgusting actions.

I think AP is living in a dream land if he thinks the Vikings will just release him. Adrian is under contract and he can’t afford to lose another season by sitting on the sidelines. Peterson has a lot to prove to the world (in his mind) and will work hard to do that, even if he finds himself on the Vikings roster when the regular season starts.

Adrian is posturing but I think that the Vikings should call his bluff. They should retain his services. If he refuses to play, they don’t have to pay him. If he’s a disruption in the locker room they can suspend him without pay.

I know most teams will rid themselves of a disgruntled player but in this case the Vikings should stick to their guns. They should refuse to release him and only trade him if they can get adequate compensation.

This is a business. The Vikings have invested millions of dollars into this guy. Releasing him or receiving inadequate compensation for him would be a lost investment, even if Adrian Peterson is still a piece of garbage!

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