Friday, February 20, 2015

What Do You Do With Trash? You Throw It In The Garbage – Vikings Should Be Done With Adrian Peterson

Minnesota Vikings PennantWhen you have trash in your house, what do you do? Do you keep it and let it clutter up. Do you let the stink of the garbage fester in your house and back yard? Do you let it make you so sick that you have to hurl?

Chances are that most people would throw that trash in the garbage. I liken Adrian Peterson to trash and I think that the Vikings should get rid of him. It would be nice if they could get something for this ingrate, child abuser and self-professed victim.

ESPN Interview

Yesterday in an interview with ESPN, Adrian Peterson (AP) who should be known as Abuse Perpetrator, lashed out at the Minnesota Vikings, the team’s fan base and the community in which he has played his entire career.

Adrian Peterson basically said FU to his team and the team’s fans. The poor victim, who beat his four year old son so badly with a stick that it left bruises on his body including the child’s genitals, wants us to have pity on him.

AP As A Victim?

I’m not one of those fans who sees Peterson as a victim. I believe he brought this on himself. It was AP who beat his child badly, not the fans of the Vikings and the team’s brass.
AP claims that the team (“empire”) and the fans let him down and were disloyal to him. He feels like he was on a leash.

The Vikings are a terrible team that supported him from the moment they found out about his allegations. They only refused to play him and worked with the NFL to put him on the commissioner’s exempt list after sponsors threatened to pull of their partnership with the team.

As the season progressed the Vikings pressed the league for a resolution, wanting AP to play. All through his suspension, coaches and the team’s higher ups expressed that they wanted him back. They were loyal to the guy, despite what he says now.

The Minnesota Vikings And Their Fans Are The Victims

It seems to me that it’s the Vikings and the fans that are victims of his Adrian’s behavior. Peterson is the one that beat his child to a pulp. AP is the one that embarrassed his employer. AP is the one that was suspended, leaving the team and its fans to be left out in the cold without their star player.

AP is not a victim. He is the abuser and the one with the big mouth. AP is the one that isn’t loyal. AP is the piece of trash that is throwing his team under a bus.

The Vikings paid AP around eight million dollars to sit on his sorry butt and pout. What a terrible team they are. Terrible, terrible team, aren't they. Looks like he was put on a leash by the empire , doesn't it?

Roger Goodell May Have The Last Laugh

As part of AP’s suspension, Roger Goodell let AP know what it would take for him to be reinstated when April 15th comes around. Part of that requirement stated that You must commit yourself to your counseling and rehabilitative effort”. While I don’t know if he is seeking counseling and rehabilitation his statements read like a person who blames everyone but himself for his suspension.

AP must be counting on a federal judge to rule in his favor regarding the length and fairness of his suspension but if the judge doesn’t do that, his comments and actions might come back to biter him in the caboose. AP is dealing with a commissioner, ready to pounce on him and destroy him. A smart person would tread lightly but AP doesn’t seem to be the brightest bulb around.

Adrain Peterson sickens me. As he continues to make statements, the more I want to vomit. I believe that the Vikings and our community here in the Twin Cities deserves better from a player they treated as its king. I think we would be better without the child abuser.

Adrian Peterson

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