Saturday, February 14, 2015

Apology Too Late for Alex Rodriguez

Read today's opinion article regarding the Alex Rodriguez handwritten apology.

Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees Baseball Photo PosterAlex Rodriguez has apologized to the New York Yankees brass and Arod might apologize to fans at Yankees stadium. I'm not a Yankees but I do believe that it's too late for this piece of garbage to apologize for his actions.

He had his time to come forward and tell the truth. He had his time to apologize. He had his time to do something decent. He had his time to repair the damage that he inflicted on Major League (MLB) Baseball. He didn't do it when the time was right.

What Rodriguez did was accuse former MLB commissioner Bud Selig of of "cowardice" and conducting a "witch hunt". Rodriguez knew he was guilty of taking performance enhancing drugs and he not only denied the accusations but tried to throw everyone under the bus. He reminds me of Lance Armstrong.

I believe Rodriguez attempted to ruin the lives of anyone who attempted to prove that he was a cheater and a scumbag. Alex Rodriguez showed no humility or remorse for his actions. He missed an entire MLB season last year and didn't take the time to apologize to the Yankees, MLB or baseball fans.

I think that if he uses Yankees stadium as a platform to apologize for his actions he would be making a mockery of the Yankees, the game of baseball and baseball fans around the country. I don't think he deserves to be forgiven. Why? Because I believe you have to be truly sorry for your transgressions and actions to be forgiven.

When he decides to make an apology to Yankees fans and to baseball fans, I won't believe this guy's apology. I will always think that he's doing it for an ulterior motive or feeling like he needs to. I don't believe that Aroid is sorry for the harm he inflicted on MLB. I think he's sorry that he was caught and lost money due to his suspension.

I don't think Aroid cares that he let everyone around him down. I really don't think that this disgusting person is sorry for cheating or will ever be sorry for making a mockery of his sport.

Roid conducted a circus and tried to drag Bud Selig and MLB through the mud, knowing all along that he was guilty of what he was accused of.

I think that Alex Rodriguez is one of the most disgusting and low life sports stars in the history of sports. It sickens me that Roid is allowed to continue playing while Pete Rose is banned for life. I believe the damage that Roid did to the game is much greater than what Rose did.

If I where the Yankees I wouldn't allow this piece of garbage to use my stadium as a platform to spew more garbage. I wouldn't allow him to try and be the face of my organization. While he might play games, I would try and distance myself as much as possible from the cancer that has the ability to destroy the fabric of my team.

If I were the Yankees I wouldn't accept his apology. If I were a Yankees fan I wouldn't accept his apology and as a baseball fan I will not accept this guy's apology when he decides to make one!

Alex Rodriguez

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