Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Alex Rodriguez Written Apology - Not Enough

Alex "The Roid" Rodriguez issued a handwritten apology to fans on Tuesday. The apology didn't go far enough. It fell way too short of a contrite and believable apology. It came way too late and in the end it was weak.

I think Alex Rodriguez would have been better off if he had refrained from any apology. That would have been sincere and believable since fans don't think that he gives a rip. I believe most fans think that the only thing that the Roid cares about regarding his PED use saga is that he got caught and lost money due a season long suspension.

So let's obliterate the man's apology.

Rodriguez Waited Over A Year To Apologize

Alex Rodriguez's apology (AKA farceology) is too late. Since I wrote about this last week, I won't spend too much time on this subject again. I think that if Alex's apology was sincere, he wouldn't have waited so long to issue one.

He tried to sue MLB and Bud Selig. I believe that his actions were slanderous. His actions were akin to sticking his middle finger at the game and its fans. His actions were shameful.

Alex Forgoes A Public Apology

Alex chose a handwritten apology rather than using Yankees stadium as his platform for that apology. While I don't think that Yankees stadium was the place for an apology, I think that Rodriguez is a gutless man for not facing the fans publicly and looking at the camera while issuing his apology.

He should have looked into the camera and we could have seen how this punk looked while apologizing. My guess is that we would have seen him for who is; a gutless, cheating liar. That should be this guy's legacy. He cheated in the sport he claims to love, lied about cheating and he arguable tried to ruin the careers and lives of his accusers.

Rodriguez Is Likely To Decline Comment If Asked About His PED Use

If Alex Rodriguez does refuse to answer questions about his PED use it will confirm to me and other fans that he isn't sorry about throwing his sport under the bus. It will confirm to me that today's gutless apology didn't mean anything.

It would confirm to me that Roidriguez was only going through the motions in an attempt to repair the damage he has made to his public relations persona and to his reputation.

I believe that everything this man does is calculated as if he was a robot. Robots don't have feelings and don't exhibit any emotions. They are programmed to react in a stoic and programmed manner in a way that the programmer intended.

I believe that Alex has been programmed like a robot but in his case, to act like a goof, liar, cheat and despicable person. Can you believe this type of person? No!

Alex Rodriguez fought Bud Selig and MLB. I believe that he tried to destroy the sport he claims to love. Are those the actions of an honorable, decent, respectable and believable person? I don't think so.

Today's apology by Alex Rodriguez added to my belief that he is a disgrace to baseball. He should be treated as MLB's enemy number one. I hope Yankees fans don't forgive this creep. I don't think that he would care but it would be nice to see the fans reject this guy!

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