Friday, January 16, 2015

MEN'S Hockey Day Minnesota

Fox Sports North calls this Saturday Hockey Day Minnesota and they are the network that has the coverage of the day, airing live High School, College and NHL games from the state of hockey.

The name "Hockey Day Minnesota" is misleading. The network focuses on men. The women in our state are relegated to second, even third tier status. Parents in Minnesota should be disgusted with the network and the fact that it won't air a live women's hockey game.

Thanks Fox Sports for doing women in Minnesota a great favor by airing a high school women's hockey game at 11:00 PM Saturday night and that game will be a replay from earlier int he day. The network is definitely covering the men's game and they do it well but wouldn't it be great exposure if the network aired a women's high school or college hockey game.

The Minnesota Women's Golden Gophers are ranked second in the nation. They are an exciting team to watch. So why does Fox Sports refuse to air a women's game? Ratings you might be saying? I think that the women's Golden Gophers would do well.

I would love to be able to sit and watch a live women's hockey game with my daughters on Fox Sports North. I think it would help grow their interest in women's hockey. At least they would be able to relate to women hockey players.

Instead, my daughters are left to feel like Fox Sports North views their sports as CRAP and INFERIOR. That is the message that the network seems to be conveying.

We'll have to see how many featured stories, if any at all that have women as the featured hockey player during the day. The network focuses on men and women are left to wonder why they are not considered important in the state of hockey.

Women's hockey has come a long way in Minnesota. It is one the best states for women to play hockey in. That's great but I believe that it's despite Fox Sports North. That's sad and I believe it's an indictment on the network.

I can go on and on and on ranting about how pathetic Fox Sport's coverage is but it will only make me angrier than I already am. I can't call the network's coverage good. The network is covering only one gender on Saturday.

It's sad because Fox Sports North has an opportunity to showcase the women's game but I beleive that the network has chosen to brush women's hockey aside. It's really pathetic in my opinion.

Well, that's enough of my ranting. I will continue to write a scathing article regarding Fox Sports every year until they do the right thing and air a women's game live. What are you waiting for Fox Sports North? Why don't you care about women's hockey Fox Sports North?

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