Sunday, January 11, 2015

John Harbaugh is a Cry Baby Like His Brother Jim

Jim Harbaugh is not only a poor sport and sore loser but he's also a cry baby like his brother Jim. Jim Harbaugh whined and complained after the San Francisco 49ers lost to the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII. Jim was upset that the officials didn't call a holding penalty on the team's final offensive series.

After Saturday's heartbreaking loss to the New England Patriots, the Baltimore Raven's coach called the ingenious, creative and awesome plays by the Patriots "clearly deception".

Crybaugh was referring to a big play after a New England substitution, where a tight end declared himself ineligible to the officials. Since the Patriots had 5 tight ends lined up.

Harbaugh said his defense was confused. Harbaugh also insinuated that the play was illegal and hoped that the NFL would review the so called deceptive substitution(s). Harbaugh ran on to the field after the play and was flagged 15 yards.

The NFL did review the game tape and ruled that the substitutions were legal. That ruling was a no-brainer. Whah Whah Whah John. Just because his defense was confused doesn't make the play illegal

Instead of acting like an adult and a sportsman, Harbaugh showed his true personality, the Harbaugh personality. That personality is one that is akin to being a poor sport and blaming others for his own failures.

The New England Patriots won the game fair and square. There were some trick plays but they were legal. Harbaugh is upset that Bill Belichick out coached him. Belichick is a master of coaching and John could learn a lot from him.

It's really getting old listening to the Harbaughs whine and cry after losing a close game. It's getting old blaming the other team and the officials. These coaches make NFL fans hate their teams. Who wants to route for a team where their coach is poor sport and a complete and utter bone head?

Not only was John Harbaugh a cry baby, he was also wrong. The substitutions were legal. So Harbaugh made an ass of himself. His behavior was terrible and he had no reason to act like he did.

Maybe Harbaugh should have focused his anger on his quarterback Joe Flacco who threw two interceptions, Flacco couldn't get it done when it counted!

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  1. How can a team defend when they do not know which players are eligible receivers? The NFL (and now every football league) has to adjust the process for declaring eligibility. To be able to notify the officials and immediately snap the ball is not something that can be defended. Harbaugh had no choice but to notify the officials that they needed to use common sense and allow them to know who is eligible before the snap.

    Harbaugh never insinuated that what they were doing was illegal - he said it was deception - which it was. To call him a "crybaby" in these circumstances is silly.

    1. Crybaugh thought that the Patriots should have been penalized for the play which means he thought it was illegal.

  2. So under these circumstances it's silly? Ok what about the multitude of other times he has proven himself to be just that. For example after the loss to SD when he whined and cried about a PI call ( which curiously enough is something that no other team in the past 5 years has benefited from more than the Ravens).

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