Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I'm Sick of the Dallas Non-Call Penalty Talk

Dallas Cowboys Football HelmetI’m sick of everyone making more of the penalty non-call in the Detroit vs Dallas Wild Card game. I’m sick of the talk because even if a penalty should have been called, it did not decide the game. A game is 60 minutes long and we are assuming that the Detroit Lions would have scored a touchdown or even a field goal after that play.

Anything could have happened after that non-call had a penalty in fact been called. I will address why Detroit wasn't robbed and why the Cowboys won the game fair and square.

To focus on this one play doesn't do justice to the game as a whole and the events that preceded it.

Ndamukong Suh shouldn't have been allowed to play

Ndamukong Suh had two critical sacks in the Wild card game against the Dallas Cowboys. He was a key player for the Detroit Lions defense. So is it fair to say that without Suh, the Lions might not have been as competitive as they? I think that’s correct.

In the days leading up to the big game, Suh was suspended for a dirty play on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. That suspension was overturned by Ted Cottrell, the NFL’s appeals officer. Cottrell offered a pathetic reasoning for his reversal and seemed to indicate that suspending Suh wouldn’t be fair to Suh’s teammates.

That’s bogus. Who cares what the consequences would have been to his teammates. When a piece of garbage player tries to injure another player he should be suspended.

By allowing Suh to play, talk about pivotal plays or non-calls should be thrown out the window. If Detroit had won, we could say that allowing Suh to play caused Dallas to lose and that’s unfair. So Dallas deserved to win because they overcame the odds of facing Suh.

Other non-calls or bad balls could be considered game changers as well

There were other questionable calls in Sunday’s Wild Card game. I won’t rehash all of them but it’s safe to say that the Detroit Lions were the beneficiaries of a number of poor calls and one non-called running into the punter penalty that went their way.

So you could say that Dallas was robbed a number of times. That one non-call Pass interference penalty, even if you think it should have been called was not the game changer or the pivotal play. It was only one play in a long game.

I’m sick of Detroit Lions fans focusing on that one play and not the entirety of the game or the events preceding it. I think that it was justice that the officials decided not to call a pass interference penalty. It was JUSTICE against a team that had a player get away from facing a one game suspension for a dirty play against an elite quarterback.

Multiple penalties could have been called on the pass interference non-Call

Let’s focus on the pass interference non-call that was originally called a pass interference penalty. There could have been three or even four penalties that were called.

The officials missed a holding the penalty call on Hitchens since he held on to Pettigrew’s jersey. The officials missed that call.

After the play continued, there was a potential pass interference penalty that was initially called but later picked up. Was Hichens interfering with a Pettigrew? I think he was but Pettigrew held on to his face mask, so that should have been offensive pass interference as well.

The potential penalties against both teams that weren't called would have offset and the teams would have replayed the third down with one yard to go. We don’t know what would have happened on that play, do we?\

There is also talk of not flagging Dez Bryant who came off the field to argue the pass interference penalty without a helmet. That is a subjective penalty as well and I’m fine with the officials not flagging Bryant.

I think that we should take a look at the game as a whole when deciding if the Lions were shafted. I think that the right team won the game and that it was a fair outcome. If Detroit Lions fans think otherwise, they are just focusing on one play and one part of it and not being objective.

It’s easy for me to be objective. I don’t like either team. I do think it’s hilarious how the Lions and their fans are whining about the game. The more they do that, the more I like the outcome of the non-call and the outcome of the game!

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