Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Skip Bayless Might Be Right About Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel Signed Photo - 11x14 PSA R77838Skip Bayless of ESPN called Cleveland quarterback Johnny Manziel an “alcoholic liar”. He was criticized by at least one writer for using the word alcoholic to describe Manziel but I think he’s on to something. Keep in mind that this writer has about two to three drinks a year, so maybe an alcoholic to me is a casual drinker to others.

Party Animal

let’s look at Johnny boy. Johnny has loved the sauce and partying since his college days. He loves to make a complete and utter fool of himself. When he drinks it up, he brushes it off as a young man wanting to have fun.

That might have been OK when he was in college but now he is a professional football player whose team is looking for him to be their future. Quarterbacks are expected to lead by example and to have a great work ethic. Johnny rather party it up and drink like there’s no tomorrow rather than put in the time needed for him to improve his craft.

I believe that the fact that Johnny is still a party animal is a sign that he may have a problem. He might be chalking it up to being young but at some point the will have to look in the mirror and decide if he has the ability to focus on the job he’s been hired to do or if the party lifestyle is to fun for him to give up.

Late for Work

If being a party freak was all that the team had to worry about they might be able to stomach it little bit more and work with the guy and encourage him to focus of football. The problem is that Manziel missed  a walk-through prior to game 16 this past weekend. He was allegedly partying the night before.

His name is Johnny football isn’t it? Maybe it should be Johnny Drunk instead.
Partying and missing work are indicative of a major drinking problem for Johnny. That’s why I think that Skip Bayless is on to something here. Bayless is right. There are major issues with Manziel and they seem to stem from drinking.

For Johnny’s sake, I hope that he’s able to look at himself in the mirror and admit that he has a problem. If he can do that and get help for his drinking and partying, he will be able to focus on football.

Unless Manziel is able to admit and be truthful to himself that partying and drinking excessively prior to work day is a problem, he will spiral out of control and out of the NFL. The Cleveland Browns are watching his every move. They want to see how he handles this offseason.

If all Manziel does is drink and party and doesn't take the offseason seriously and act like a professional and leader of the Browns, he will find himself off their roster.

Other NFL teams are watching his every move as well. If things don’t work out for him in Cleveland and he is perceived as a problem and ship wreck, those other teams won’t want him on their rosters either.

The fact that Manziel is drinking, partying and being late for work means that his drinking is a problem and out of control. If most of us did that, our companies/bosses would show us the door. Johnny has a problem and it must be addressed now!

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