Sunday, November 2, 2014

Rapid Fire Sports Review for Sunday November 2nd

Rapid Fire Sports Review is a brief commentary on the stories that I find most interesting during the day.

I'm back with another Rapid Fire Sports Review. I wasn't going to write a Rapid Fire today since my day was consumed with following and commenting on the Minnesota Vikings.

Here I am and you can sit back and read my commentaries on my favorite or most interesting stories of the week.

The Butt Fumbler

Mark Sanchez got his shot at playing in the Philadelphia Eagles/Houston Texans game when Nick Foles was injured. My first thought when I heard that Foles was injured and Sanchez was in the game was "Oh no...this can't be happening".

Mark Sanchez threw for two touchdowns and led the Eagles to the victory over the Texans. Sanchez did play well, especially since he hadn't played in a regular season game since 2012.

In typical Sanchez fashion he was unable to end the day with more touchdowns than interceptions. Sanchez had two of each.

The Eagles haven't elaborated on the extent of the injury to Foles and how many games he will miss. If I were an Eagles fan I wouldn't too happy that Sanchez will take the reign while Foles is sidelined.

If you're a fan of a team who will play Philadelphia you're probably jumping for joy. Will we see more butt fumbling type plays from Sanchez? It's quite possible.

Please Allow me to Plea

Adrian pleaded not guilty in his child abuse case. Some people thought he would fight this thing to the end but that could mean him missing a whole season, going to jail and then facing a suspension from the NFL.

If he enters a plea to lesser charges there's no guarantee that he will play this year but he would likely avoid jail time.

I would like to see Peterson do some jail time but there is a good chance that a Texas jury would find him not guilty. So a plea deal might be the best outcome here. I would like to see him receive some significant probation time if he does enter into a plea deal and doesn't do any jail time. It would also be nice if he was barred from having contact with the child he abused.


With the San Francisco 49ers inches away from winning the football game against the St. Louis Rams, Colin Kaepernick fumbled the ball on the goal line and with that the 49ers lost another game.

Colin was once considered the savior for the 49ers but I think his play continues to decline. I don't think he is the dominant player we saw in his first year under center with the 49ers where he took them to the Super Bowl.

With the loss, I also believe that John Harbaugh is one game closer to being fired. The 49ers are making their chances of making the playoffs very hard.

Harbaugh banked his team's success with Kaepernick and while it's not all Kaepernick's fault that the team is losing, he isn't a quarterback that teams fear.

Rapid Fire for Sunday

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Butt Fumbler
Please Allow me to Plea
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